The Eyes Have it! .. or do they?

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The Eyes Have it! .. or do they?

Postby TheHud » Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:54 pm

Same story as everyone, years of pain etc. Anyway the big change came following a random eye test, my first at 46! They took pictures of the back of my eye and both optic nerves were damaged.

Urgent referral to eye clinic.
Eye hosp to head scans and tests at neuro, vascular, heomotology, rheumatology, gyne, and so on.
Came out with, vasculitis, inflammarory arthritis, connective tissue disease, reticular and optic vasculitis, thrombocytosis, Inflammatory bowel disease, and I could carry on.
Since then its been eye drops to keep pressure down as low as pos (even though not too high) and I officially have glaucoma.
Vascular could not rule out lupus and I would not have the biopsies, I had had enough meddling by then.
Vascular think it is actually MS as does Opthamologist.
So in the absence of any definitive, I discharged myself from everything, ooh apart from getting my left knee done which was an excellent decision because I could not walk.

Having got a fibro diagnosis now, I have had a major lights out in my right eye, about 3 weeks ago, as usual it started to get better. At opto today and right eye has taken another hit, somewhere way down the optic nerve. Like many other whammy's or optic nerve damaging incidents, my vision has lost a bit more permanently. I turned down the offer of a head scan and referral again for MS tests in return for a see how it improves and return in 2 months for a full work up, eyes that is not bloods lol
You see what they don't realise is staying still, taking, going for tests etc is painful and exhausting and seeing as i often feel to tired to be bothered breathing, I prefer to avoid as much as pos.

Anyway, pretty scared, always scared of losing my sight and post today's tests I am still only seeing badly so hoping that clears soon as it is reminding me again, what is to come. So does Fibro do this because I can only find this particular little gem in the MS list.

I wonder how many fibro sufferers actually have MS.

Anyone elses eyes leaving the building?
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Re: The Eyes Have it! .. or do they?

Postby Icarus » Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:00 pm

Hi there
My mother has MS, she first experienced symptoms at 17, was diagnosed at 21 and is now 58. The only problems with her eyes (as far as I know) are she has trouble seeing things close up (so she uses glasses), she gets a fair bit of blurred vision and one pupil is always slightly larger than the other (thought to be down to a stroke she had many years ago)

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