Does having fibro affect recovery after surgery

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Does having fibro affect recovery after surgery

Postby poppysmith » Sun May 22, 2016 9:58 pm

I have had surgery last November for Avascular necrosis of both heads of femur. Because it was a bone and stem cell graft I had to be completely non weight bearing for 12 weeks. So in a wheelchair not even allowed to push myself up the bed. Muscles strophic as result.

Thankfully the surgery was a success and for the last 3 months I've been doing Physio, hydrotherapy, gentle seated exercise. Also having regular leg massage to try and ease tight muscles.
That's the problem the intense pain in my leg muscles mainly above the knee is stopping me progressing with my walking. I'm still in the wheelchair 95% of the time. My Physio is very simplistic he says I have fibro so I think it's more painful than it is .

Does anyone know if having fibro affects how muscles react when starting to use them after surgery?

I've tried warm daily baths, Epsom salts baths daily, massage, from the beginning taking progress very slowly. Dosing up with oramorph and walking through the pain but I didn't get far. Steroid injection into bursa on left hip hasn't worked.
Hot water bottles ease pain a little.

As well as AVN. And fibro I'm diagnosed with hypothyroidism, hypopituitarism, growth hormone deficiency , OSA, cyclothymia , B12 and vit D deficiency, chronic encephalopathy ( due to encephalitis)

If anyone has any insight into this I would be most grateful.
( fibro dxd by rheumatologist in 2012)
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Re: Does having fibro affect recovery after surgery

Postby clairbear » Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:45 pm

Hiya Poppy,

How are you feeling now?

I had a shoulder decompression and tendon reattached back in March 2015. My anesthetist was superb and very aware of my fibromyalgia and other conditions so all she wanted to do was make life as easy as possible for me so managed my pain brilliantly whilst I was in hospital. The op went well my consultant was confident in 12 months I'd be completely recovered irrespective of my fibro as long as I worked hard at physio.
I'll cut this story short but he was right, 12 months on I feel much better with my shoulder but I had to work hard to get my biceps and upper back muscles back to a decent strength but as my shoulder isn't a weight bearing joint it was a different experience to my knee operation.

This was a completely different experience and 10yrs before being diagnosed with Fibro.
I ended up being on crutches for 3yrs after a car accident.
In the 6 months between my RTA and the knee Op I had to use a walking stick, I'd almost lost the use of my left leg and my quad was so weak I could barely control it. I had really damaged some muscles and my kneecap stopped tracking properly because of muscle wastage. They repaired my ACL and removed meniscus, washed it all out, stitched it all back up and thought it was fixed.

After the op I was sent to physio and told 6 months I'd be back on my feet, but my knee continued to be painful and we only discovered I had some serious nerve damage about 2 years after.
In that time my muscles above and around my knee were so weak that it was causing all kinds of problems and the pain was awful. I didn't have Fibro back then but I suffered like I did because no one believed me or the pain I was in.

The fact is if your muscles have wasted away it takes a long time to get them back, especially on a weight bearing joint.
I didn't have Fibro back then and it took along time to get those muscles strong, when you are building that muscle it will cause pain because you are stressing the joint and muscle constantly, also ligaments and tendons are now stretching again so that isn't exactly pain free..

I don't think it will necessarily be your Fibro slowing progress it might just be a slow slog to get things back in place and strong. I could certainly tell the difference between acute pain and my chronic pain.

If the physio thinks it might be your Fibro then I'd suggest they refer you back to pain management to get your medication reassessed with the additional post op pain linked in.
Have you seen your consultant again, maybe an up to date scan should be done just to make sure it's nothing else?

Not sure if I've helped you but it shows that recovery varies and I'm positive you will get there with your rehab, slow n steady wins the race (or so they say!)

Stay strong and keep smiling Hun xx
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