Meibormain Gland Dysfunction and Blepharitis

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Meibormain Gland Dysfunction and Blepharitis

Postby kitten » Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:05 pm

I Have a on going eye problem chronic inflammation of both eyes ( dry eyes) no sooner do i put eye drops in they go dry again

The Optometrist has prescribed Systane Balance 3/4 times a day and Systane Gel drops twice a day and MDG eye bag daily did this for 3 weeks and then gradually reduced the drops ( found the eye bag very relaxing ) finished the course and my eyes felt good , however 4 months on I seem to have got the painful condition back only this time I seem to be struggle to use a computer for more than 20 min reading is getting bad,headaches eyes ache , went back to the Optometrist and felt sure it would be a new prescription , but no it is the same problem this time I have had to use the drops more often and the gel three times a day makes your eyes blurred for a while small price to pay as long as it restful for the eyes .

He has recommend Cyclosporine only available from the GP ,the Optometrist did some reading up on these drops and thought I would benefit with them for my condition , I received a phone call from him and he told me to ask the GP if he would prescribe then , well my GP hit the roof no way would he would do it, apparently these are pretty powerful drops that are some time used to suppress the immune system when you have a transplant or have been used in some one who has had cancer , all I could do was explain what had happened and what the Optometrist has said . The GP said if the Optometrist would write to him giving him all the details he would look in to it , relayed the conversation to the Optometrist in a phone call ( I have complete faith in him) no problem I will write to him , should have done that in the first place .

We all know that eye condition is a problem with Fibromyalgia . but has any one been given these drops , now will have to stop eyes have gone all blurred thank you for reading this xx
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