Chest pain and breathing problems can anyone help?

For all your questions and experiences of illnesses associated with FM e.g. thyroid, IBS, TMJD etc.

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Postby motherelephant » Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:27 pm

hi yonark and welcome to the forum. motherelle
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Postby Ivyleaf » Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:32 am

Oh what a relief to read what you folk are saying !!! I so agree with Lill. Over and above all my 'other' problems/pain.

The one that drives me nuts as it's there all the time is ever since I had my gallbladder removed 15 months ago, I STILL HAVE PAIN where it was. As for my ribs - well I could scream. I couldn't wear a bra for nearly a year and even now the one I put on is so big because my ribs hurt so much. They're so tender and occasionally I get a sharp stabbing pain. Wearing anything round my waist also drives me mad as it 'hurts' so I wear trousers/skirts 2 dress sizes larger with elasticated waist bands.

I also have a 'band' running across my upper abdo that itches - I get a rash and the itch drives me insane. The cream my GP prescribed does help but I find I wake in the night hacking away until I'm red raw - heat makes it worse.

In the morning the first thing I notice straight away is the 'hurt' where my gallbladder was - it feels like theres a golf ball there - this round area that just 'hurts'. I've had 2 ultrasound scans so far the first was clear - waiting for the results of the second. And the awful stiffness in my back between my shoulder blades and lower ribs.

I stand and look at my painkillers and valium tablets and think can I deal with this WITHOUT taking any because the painkillers make me constipated which flares up my diverticular disease and causes me abdo pain - and yes I could take fibrogel to help with that but again that's interferring with the bowel doing it's own thing so cannot take on a regular basis.

As for the overall stiffness - everyone screams EXERCISE IS GOOD FOR YOU - are we allowed to swear here? Well rowlocks - it bloody hurts and I always feel worse afterwards and the next day. But sitting for prolonged periods also stiffens you up. I don't know what to do with myself anymore. Simple things such as washing up, washing myself, ironing, dusting and hoovering are now major issues for me.

As regards the breathing issue and chest tightness - well difficult one this because just before Christmas I got all the bugs that were going round including flu (despite having had the flu jab) and then a chest infection that took weeks to clear and 3 lots of antibiotics. Even now I still cough and naturally 'pulled' many chest and back muscles from all the coughing. I was put on inhalors but had to stop because my tongue became red raw and a community nurse who pops in very occasionally said I'd got thrush and to stop the inhalors and use an antifungal gel. :(

BUT - I've notice each evening - early evening I suddenly feel like I can't swallow properly - that there's a lump in my throat - I'm wheezy - naturally I start to panic - well who wouldn't !!! It just 'happens' for no reason and it's like this for HOURS. That's when I pop a valium and try ONE PUFF of the salbutamol inhalor - then try and brainwash myself that my bronchial tubes are open - there's no restriction - until that little voice in my head starts babbling away - "remember so and so who had these symtoms and they died of oesophageal cancer" - oh god if ONLY I could shut that voice up.

And the best - you guys talk jokingly about being sent to a psychiatrist - well I too have been referred to the Mental Health team - all that doctor did was prescribe me some antidepressants. I took one look at the huge list of nasty side effects - the common ones were - being sick, palpitations, joint and muscle pains, bleeding (i.e. black poo) stomach irritation causing ulcers, altered blood chemistry levels, dizziness, fainting, pins and needles, hypersensitivity to light and a host of others and I thought f**k that I'm NOT taking these. The very symptoms I'm trying to control these wretched pills are going to cause.

THAT'S the huge problem - what we CAN tolerate and also what doesn't cause other 'medical' problems to start up like stomach ulcers, internal bleeding etc.

Anyone fancy a one way trip to Beechy Head ??? :lol:

Postby samantha louise » Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:15 am

why doont you come to the corner shop with me ivy, mite end uo the same way!! :D
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Postby Ivyleaf » Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:47 am

I'm on the next train hun - put the kettle on !!!!

Postby samantha louise » Wed Feb 25, 2009 1:05 pm

consider it done

how many sugars love??
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Postby Ivyleaf » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:25 pm

Sorry been a bit of an awful day. Eldest son phoned and he sounded really drunk - my youngest went to pick him up (he lives 25 miles away) - it was only when he got there his brother (my eldest) admitted he'd taken an overdose. This put my youngest in a dilemma - either take him immediately to the local A&E but - I no longer have a car so couldn't have got there.

He decided to put his foot down and bring him back here. I knew nothing until they arrived and my eldest was staggering all over the place, slurring his words, totally unco-ordinated and getting very sleepy - breathing was getting slow and shallow - I phoned NHS Direct (I'm an ex-nurse so knew we had a bit of time to decide etc) - On the info I gave them i.e. how much Diazepam he'd taken plus he'd been drinking all night they immediately phoned for an ambulance.

We've spent all day at the hospital whilst he was monitored, bloods taken etc and thank goodness they managed to stabilize him. There were going to keep him in overnight and bring a psychiatrist over to see him - but as he's not in his 'area' - the A&E Consultant telephoned my eldest son's GP direct explained that my son had taken an overdose and an appointment was made to see him in a weeks time. The A&E Consultant agreed to discharge him into our care to watch him closely and any problems to phone 999. He HAS to stay with us the whole week. We've got to not allow him any access to alcohol and I've got to hide ALL medication.

And why did he do it? Because as I explained somewhere else that his Incapacity Benefit has been stopped and he's had no money for 5 weeks. He's not even been put on the lower rate of £48 a week - his housing association are hounding him for rent as his housing and council tax benefit has also been stopped. He's already got a CAB chap trying to sort it out for him but he hasn't even been able to get a Crisis Loan.

Due to his 'mental illness' which is why he was on Incapacity - he just 'lost it' as no-one was helping him. I'd done the best I could with some food etc but I'm only in receipt of a State Pension and some DLA and trying to feed 3 people AND pay bills is impossible.

So I'm all over the place at the moment as his brother is in exactly the same boat - appeal turned down - told also he can't get JSA - I don't know what the 'f**k' is going on. The youngest son and I are joint tenants of this flat and although my 'half' is being paid in housing and council tax benefit - my youngest sons like his brother's has been stopped too and we've got our housing association on our backs as well.

The whole business is an absolutely nightmare and with what my eldest son did this morning = my head is all over the place and I've cried buckets. :(

having a rough time

Postby Butterfingers » Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:54 am

Oh dear, you are having a rotten time. Hope things have settled down a bit now. Benefiits are a huge problem arent they? For reasons I wont go into just now, one of my granddaughters came to live with me and her elder sister on November 7 2008.
I applied for her Child Benefit the following week and I am still waiting for it to come through. When I rang to ask if there was a problem the woman was quite dismissive, saying it takes 3 months and there is nothing to be done about it as that is the norm. I am lucky that my rent is sorted but the child still needs feeding and clothing, dont know what they think we are supposed to do.
My problem with breathing is that i only take shallow breaths. To take a deep breath I have to "open" my shoulders in order to expand my lungs. Muscles alone cant take in enough air.
I also get pain from my neck down over my shoulder blades and round my ribs. I find that Arnica Gel from a company called SBC is very soothing if smoothed gently over the painful area. Its on QVC regularly and can also be found on ebay.
I dont swallow very well either, always have to have mayo or sauce in a sarney to get it down and need lots of gravy on a cooked meal with always lots of bottled/filtered water at the same time.
I got myself a dishwasher as I can sit down to load it up and I have a steam press instead of an iron. I have it on a small computer trolleyand a comfy office chair means I can do quite a lot of pressing b4 I am too tired to do any more.
Most days I am too uncomfortable to wear a bra so I wear a swimsuit under my clothes. Its better than nothing. Other days I put a long coat over my jamas and stay in the car while someone nips in the shops for me.
The best thing I ever did was to get my car on Motability. Its automatic and an absolute godsend. Without it I would be housebound. I dont have a husband so I am the one who gets the girls to wherever they are going and organises the shopping. Online shopping with Tesco helps a lot as we get all the basics delivered to the door.
I have been long winded, sorry, anyway will look out for you again and hope your boys are OK.
Judy aka Grandma.
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Re: Chest pain and breathing problems can anyone help?

Postby bradders » Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:26 am

i always have ad chest pain even before new about fibro,makes u not able to breathe prop as each breathe theirs a stabbing pain that hurts a great deal and if its not the staabing pain its like a tender ball that not aches but hurts.i av found stress brings it on i av this on n off for 6yrs i been rushed in hosps thinking i aving strokes as stabbing pain goes thru to bak n when its bad i cant talk n jus about do short breaths n av no feeling in left arm.but i jus put it to fibro n i not yet found a cure to stop it.
hope this helps i some way xbx
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