Post Nasal Drip............

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Post Nasal Drip............

Postby Ivyleaf » Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:51 am

Anyone suffer with post nasal drip? Sounds funny I know but its where you get a lot of catarrah right up the back of your nose - too far back to blow and not far enough back to swallow - sounds disgusting but you get the picture.

The problem is going to bed - I'm a 'mouth breather' so obviously end up with a dry mouth and wake up coughing. I've been using those 'breath right' nasal strips which open up your nasal passages - they're not cheap so buy the Boots own brand I think they're better.

But - with the post nasal drip obviously 'stuff' is forever trickling down the back of your throat so I've always got a cough and catarrah. Coughing aggravates the intercostal muscles in my ribs and other places.

I'm just tired of not feeling well and always hurting - not a good day this morning :(

Postby gillshutt » Fri Feb 27, 2009 9:28 am

I have it all the time, it could well be your sinuses.. maybe get it checked out if you are having headaches with it as it could be an infection ((xx))
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Postby auroura » Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:20 pm

Yes i do, had it since i was 19. Its disgusting i also was diagnosed with a nasal ulcer year and a half ago, told it needed removing and biopsying, when the letter turned up at the Dr about 6 weeks later it said i was to use the nasal cream, hence still got the ulcer.


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Postby anne1206 » Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:32 pm

I get this too, has only been in the last two months that it has been really bad :roll: wake up some mornings nearly choking, I have never smoked and stupidly thought something like this only happened to smokers, we live and learn. if only learning wasnt so disgusting and painful :roll:
Take care. Anne
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Postby LinzWorld » Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:13 pm

Any chance that eithe Candida overgrowth or Myofascial trigger points could be an issue? Both can cause post-nasal drip.
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Postby Ivyleaf » Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:58 pm

Mmm - that's interesting, didn't know that. I too have had this problem since my 20s. No-one has ever suggested any treatment.

I had my tonsils out when I was 21 but my adenoids were left. My left tonsil has partly grown back (they can you know!).

But - all the 'throat' and 'ear' problems (blocked eustacian tube) are always on the right side. Tooth problems were always worse on the right too - a few now have been removed - tho I can withsle now !!!

Seriously, I'll have to read up about myofacial - because many of those symptoms I can relate to. God but this is such a complex illness to have - so many symptoms that mimick so many other problems - total nightmare. :?

Postby MCT » Mon Mar 02, 2009 8:35 pm

I have had problems with this for years but have noticed it getting worse.

My GP changed my nasal spray to Nasonex recently & I now use at night before bed instead of using it in the mornings as I used to. I'm taking it at night as I was having coughing fits for hours on end in the early hours and even being sick with all the gunge. Apparently PND is now known as Upper Airway Cough Syndrome.

I still get the odd cough at night but it lasts minutes now rather than hours.

My get up and go just got up and went!!!

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Postby princess » Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:03 pm

Yip - but the dry mouth i have i think is due to my meds - but wake up choking during night.
So i take a drink to bed with me and sip it when i wake during the night - seems to have helped.
But since move i havent had any sinus problems - strange as we are in the middle of farm land, but no rape.
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