trapped nerves?

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trapped nerves?

Postby armanisgirl » Wed May 13, 2009 5:38 pm

I keep getting sharp shooting pains that feel like electric shocks running through my hands. It tends to happen mostly when I am bending my wrists, such as using knife and fork. The sensation runs from the wrist, up the centre of my palm and into the middle finger. Is this likely to be a trapped nerve or the start of carpal tunnel syndrome? I also frequently wake up with totally numb hands. I did wear a split at night to stop the wrists bending as I'm terrible for wrapping myself up under the duvet and holding the duvet tightly under my chin all night (fear of getting cold lol) but haven't worn one for a long time now. I'm off to the GP tomorrow hopefully to get referred for MRI scan to check for arthritis in neck and spine, as neck is solid and I can feel my spine clicking about a lot now and mother and grandmother both had arthritis in spine and neck. If I managed to get the scan, would it show up carpal tunnel or trapped nerves in wrists? (Hoping they'll do all of body as so much clicks and crunches now, ankles and feet get very sore and stiff as well, and right wrist crunches terribly). Oh to be the tin man from the wizrd of oz and get better with a few drops of oil! :lol:
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Re: trapped nerves?

Postby groovy_chick » Wed May 13, 2009 6:54 pm

Hi armanisgirl,

I used to get those horrible shooting/stabbing pains in my fingers. They were coming from my elbow or shoulder and through my wrist to either my 1st finger or my middle finger. They would start on their own and go on forever and no meds would stop them. I eventually got referred by my GP to neuro. My GP said I probably needed nerve conduction studies done (that's what they use to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome etc) but neuro just tested my reflexes and said there was nothing wrong with me neurologically as far as he could see and suggested pain clinic referral. Pain clinic said to take gabapentin up 2.4g if needed ( take 1.8g at the moment) . Must say ever since I started gabapentin I get these shooting/stabbing pains lot less in my fingers but still get them in other places :roll: , latest is the intercostal muscles (ribs), also get them in hip going down to my knee (most likely bursitis or lower back problem).
Heat pack helps but that's about it.
ALso get the 'dead' hands at night but I think this is due to compressing your nrve when laying on hand. :hugs:
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Re: trapped nerves?

Postby shazq » Wed May 13, 2009 7:39 pm

i have never had that, sounds painful. :hugs:
good luck at the docs.
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Re: trapped nerves?

Postby smiler22 » Wed May 13, 2009 11:45 pm

hi ive had to have tests galore on wrist since having an accident at work. i have had mri scans nerve conduction tests, nuclear bone scan etc etc etc 5 operations and still nothing has helped. as i have other probs with the wrist. normally they try the nerve condution test first to see if you have carpel tunnel, but i know they also did mri on me as well as it show up muscles and bones etcetc.

hope you find out what is wrong. as i know what it is like to have the pain.
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