Giving Birth

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Re: Giving Birth

Postby shazq » Sat Oct 03, 2009 10:13 am

Congratulations Natashak. :wave:
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Re: Giving Birth

Postby LinzWorld » Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:51 pm

NatashaK wrote:
LinzWorld wrote:It's a shame the NHS doesn't recognise the impact of Fibro. There is a lot you could do before, during and immediately after a birth to help manage it.

Can you elaborate?

Hi Natasha. Congrats, I hope it sticks and goes well for you. Feel free to to PM me and we could chat if you want.

However some important things to factor in are:

Myofascial release. Most people with Fibro could do with MFR and the stresses pregnancy puts on your body make it more likely you will need this. An advanced practitioner will be able to do a lot of work even when you're pregnant.

Nutritional deficiencies. Obviously important for the embryo, but also for your symptoms. If you get more washed out at any point, insist your doctor checks your iron and vitamin D. Obviously take a prenatal supplement - not just folic acid. I would also talk to your GP about whether you could also take a magnesium malate supplement as well - many people with Fibro benefit from magnesium and malic acid (from the malate bit) but it is near impossible to test for low magnesium.

Pace! Don't over do it, schedule plenty of rest and relaxation.

Eat healthily, with plenty of fruit and veg ad low fat protein sources, and eat little and often. The book 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' has good advice on eating healthily whilst pregnant.

Get rid of all stress in your life that you can get rid of. Learn how to manage stress better - counselling, CBT or hypnotherapy may be helpful - and make sure your family realise that stress can make you physically ill (because of the neuroendocrine and muscular effects it has on the body).

Exercise. Gently obviously and always check with your doctor. But exercise is usually good for both pregnant women and the baby and it's good for Fibro. Something like Prenatal pilates and swimming would be good.

Get plenty of sleep and do all you can to make this good sleep.

Address pain relief with your doctor. I assume you've come off any medications you might have been on, but occassional use of paracetamol is considered safe during pregnancy and codeine can be used if your doctor is okay with it, particularly during the 2nd trimester. If you need more painkillers, talk to your GP - uncontrolled pain is not good for you or the developing baby.

Motherisk have the best info on medications whilst pregnant and breast feeding.

There's more you can consider for the bith, but t's probably btter if we went into that over email.

Good luck.
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