fibro and celiac disease

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fibro and celiac disease

Postby sammi » Tue Aug 11, 2009 6:12 pm

Hya , today i went to see a different doc than my usual one. I thought i had yet another water infection. She tested my water which was fine. She then proceded to tell me she thinks i have IBS plus she wants me screened for celiac disease!. Ive looked upa few websites and looking at the info could possibly have it. She thinks thepain ive been getting around the left hand sideof my stomach and bottom of my back could well be thisminstead of water infections. Now this is a new one to me I know i cant eat any thing white like bread, pastas rice etc i eat wholemeal bread pasta rice etc. But looking at the celiac website basically its gluten what you are intolerable of. Ive looked a a few foods stuff in my cupboard and most contain this!!!! Does anyone eles have this disease and is it a fibro related thing? thanks for any answers im very confused at the mo! If i have got this i think it will cost a fortune to buy all gluten free things! :yikes: :yikes: Sammi :grouphug:
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Re: fibro and celiac disease

Postby shazq » Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:59 pm

Hi :wave:

I know a lot of fibro sufferers do suffer with ibs, myself included.

Sorry i cant help you with celiac disease, i don't know of anyone who has that, maybe others might come along and can help you on that.

I also have crohns which i have to stick to a low residue diet, i cant eat spicy things/pasta/bran/fruit with seeds/pips. I have a very bland diet, but it helps with the bloating, and also keeps me out of hospital.

I hope you manage to get some more answers.
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