Menopause, Age and Migraines

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Menopause, Age and Migraines

Postby SquireB » Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:40 pm

Does anyone know if there are any changes in FM with menopause? Or has anyone experienced changes due to menopause?

My doctor said that some people recover from FM - it just goes in the same way that it just seems to come - has anyone heard of this? Does FM gradually become mixed in with the pain and problems associated with old age or do the symptoms gradually fade with age? The figures I have seen somewhere indicates that the highest incidence of FM is in the 30-60 age group; is this because we are the people it affects most?

And finally, I have recently started having Optical Migraine - in the last two months. Is this just another manifestation of FM? I did go to the doctor about that, because I needed to be sure it wasn't something serious. It's bad enough if it happens when I'm driving; I tried to carry on with flashes and zig-zags in front of my eyes for a little while, but had to stop when I started to feel faint. I've never fainted before so I don't know what it is like, but I felt very light headed and woozy. Stopped then and lay down in the back of the car for a while, but that wasn't much fun in a public place, getting cold and anxious.

I've now got tablets to take if and when it happens and I'm told they equalise the pressure in the blood vessels in your head (or something). I also had a blood test, which will have to be repeated because they lost the sample or, as the receptionist said, they dropped it! :lol: :roll:
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Re: Menopause, Age and Migraines

Postby *Lisa* » Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:56 pm


Ok....Question 1.....

From what i am aware of YES menopause can intense FM syptoms, im sure the ladies will reply to this.....


Nope IMO no one recovers! people may feel better by managing syptoms but it never COMPLETELY goes although the odd one here and there MAY have sypmtoms go for a small period of time....


FM mainly effects females the average age being 30-40... No FM does not go with old age or fade


Eye muscles can be effected by FM mine are and i get fashing lights especially going from dark to light & visa versa or when i shut my eyes.... have an appointment with the opticians as a pre caution and explain the eye symptoms to them to rule out any other problem.....

Hope this helps :mrgreen:
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Re: Menopause, Age and Migraines

Postby gillshutt » Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:16 pm

I think LIsa has said it all really. I'm just starting the menopause and haven't noticed much difference really.. no sign of it going :? The only improvement may be that once your periods stop you don't get the week of hell as I call it. When I do have periods now I get a week of pain and lack of sleep before they start, this is down to the FM I think and can't wait for them to stop completely.

Anyway :hugs:
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Re: Menopause, Age and Migraines

Postby shazq » Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:34 pm

I dont ave periods as had a hysterectomy, i find i do still get the symptoms sometimes, like sore boobs and stomach pain.

Sometime i wonder if i am going through the early stages of the menopause, i have spoke to my GP about it but he is certain it is fibro.

I suffer with migraines too.
Some of mine can last a week at a time, i cannot clear them once they have started.
You name it i have tried it, i just cant get rid of them, i might have a good couple of days then they are back, some days i might just get a very bad headache.
I have just come off 4 types of meds to see if it makes a difference.

I have not heard of anyone who has been cured from fibro.

I hope you find the right meds to suit you.
Hope you feel better soon. :hugs:
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Re: Menopause, Age and Migraines

Postby princess » Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:51 pm

I started meno well peri meno at 28 - but thats genetic and before fibro.
But at 40 i had a total ablation to stop the periods as i was bleeding and using kids nappies all day and all night.
And violent migraines as i was passing life blood and always anemic.
And 8 stone 14 too
It took me till last year to get rid of the sweats etc., and ik was 56 by then.
But im unusual and had a lot of problmes with pregnancies, so not the norm, so dont be allarmed.
So id go with what the others say honey
I dont see me as a connection with fribro with all of this.
But maybe all the trauma had an effect on my body not too sure
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Re: Menopause, Age and Migraines

Postby SquireB » Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:24 pm

I haven't started menopause yet (at 51) and as far as I know I'm still fertile! However, I am sure that putting more hormones into my system in the form of the 'pill' probably won't help the FM - I did try it for a bit and it messed up my periods and I was told it was best to stop, Makes love making risky of course......! :wink: I sort of hoped that with such a change in one's body chemistry, it might change the FM.

The doctor was obviously mistaken when she said that people sometimes recover - I expect that learning to cope in one way or another means that doctors see less of sufferers than they do at first, or like me, patients realise that it is futile asking doctors for help so they soldier on without the NHS?

I think now that I haven't been well generally the last month without any specific illness. A lot of people around me have had 'flu and long bad colds and sicknesses etc. which I seemed to have missed, but perhaps have just had low lying versions of the lot! I do feel a lot better now and don't feel the urge to go to bed with a book the whole time!

What is apparent is that my FM is not as severe as a lot of you other folks and my heart goes out to you all. :grouphug:
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