For all your questions and experiences of illnesses associated with FM e.g. thyroid, IBS, TMJD etc.

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Postby lullabybunny1 » Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:42 pm

I don't suffer with ME but this was posted by an ME sufferer on facebook.
This description given sounds like FM aswell, so hopefullly you will be to thingy to it (sorrry flare up).

"For four years I’ve been suffering with Myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.) and for four years I’ve been trying to describe it to non-sufferers. I’ve compared it to a permanent flu, to a never-ending marathon, to insomnia with eventual pointless sleep.
Now that it’s been part of me for so long, I realised how I could get the point across. I’ve not only been living with it, I’ve been battling with it.
The only thing I can think to compare to, is living with an abusive and unpredictable partner.

He tells me what I spend my day doing.
He makes me cancel on friends, and cancel appointments.
He decides whether I can read a book, or listen to music.
He gives me false hope; lets me think that I can achieve an unprecedented step forward, then pulls me back down to his level.
He tells me what I can eat and drink.
He’s indecisive, sometimes he lets me do something then changes his mind midway.
He plays tricks on me, and punishes me when I read his mood incorrectly.
He makes me feel sick in the same day that he let me be happy.
He makes me feel weak when inside I know I’m strong.
He controls how long I sleep, or if I’m allowed to sleep at all.
He makes me feel pain for no reason.
He makes me afraid of what will happen if I defy him.
He knows I dream of leaving him, and reminds me that I’m foolish for doing so.

But what I don’t let him know, is that I will one day be free of him, and that his power over me will slowly diminish.

M.E. is a hugely complicated illness, and like abusive people, each form has it’s own tricks and tortures. It lets you appear capable and healthy but inside you’re constantly physically and mentally exhausted. Remember, next time you see a sufferer, that in energy terms, he or she may have just climbed a mountain. But all they’ve done is sat and smiled at you. That’s what M.E. does.
It fools the body into thinking that it’s just run a marathon, climbed a mountain, built a house, gone a week without sleep, but all it’s actually done is made lunch.
When a sufferer tells you he or she is a little tired, they sometimes mean is they are so exhausted they could weep. It’s a trickster, that sleep won’t stop. Whether it’s got you in a weak or strong hold, it’s still powerful.
So please, when you see your sufferer friend, remember that they are fighting a constant battle with their oppressor. If you can’t imagine it yourself, don’t try. Just support them. They’ll need it."
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Re: M.E.

Postby ladymanvers » Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:35 pm

Bl**dy marvellous! Thanks for posting this!

Ju.x :wave: :)
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Re: M.E.

Postby pollyanna » Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:54 am

Brilliant, :clap: spot on. thank you for posting this.
Best Wishes and :hugs: to all :D :wave:
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Re: M.E.

Postby princess » Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:53 pm

excellent i can really go with that as i have ME/Fib
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Re: M.E.

Postby junebenton07 » Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:00 pm

I suffer with fibro, and i've wondered if i have ME as well for awhile, the subject points to everything i feel like.
Thanks for that interesting piece.
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Re: M.E.

Postby hamstergirl » Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:35 pm


that's perfect it nearly made me cry. I'm going to print that off

thanks for that

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