Does anyone with fibromyalgia have painful urination?

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Re: Does anyone with fibromyalgia have painful urination?

Postby tireesix » Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:23 pm

Bryn, is your urine cloudier than you would eXpect it to be? Next time have a look. Also ask about the sediments in your urine, some docs ignore it but a lot of sediments isn't normal.

I had major issues with my wee etc and then finally, after a year of passing to much protein, sediment, ketones and blood with recurring thrush, infections and vulvodynia and finally a kidney stone, they discovered my body has an issue with oxalate crystals. Sometimes they don't grow big enough to become an actual stone but from what I can gather, there can be enough of them to cause little bits of damage on their way out causing blood etc. Also, infections seem to be able to hide from antibiotics on the damn things so you can have this low rate infection going on that isn't always picked up and of course, this causes pain as well.
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Re: Does anyone with fibromyalgia have painful urination?

Postby Bryn » Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:06 pm

Just sent more urine tests away to test for kidney stones, it would make sense as i've had back pain over my kidney area.
They did another batch of blood tests and again found nothing, red and white cells all spot on, last urine test spot on just the trace element of blood, blood pressure absolutely spot on (hey I sound healthy!! :D )

Not noticed any cloudiness and it's all odour free, so quite a msytery in that way really. I've been going on for 6 months now with thsi issue and have even had a camera inserted (which wasn't pleasant!!) but found nothing....just another of those weird thinsg to add I think !!
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Re: Does anyone with fibromyalgia have painful urination?

Postby Min » Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:33 pm

horrible bladder & urethral pain and frequency rule my life and stop me sleeping

it was made much, much worse by a bladder stretch operation designed to help it

the urologists say I have tried everything they have to offer now :(

only Elmiron helped, but gave me uncontrollable diarrhoea - not a good trade off
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Re: Does anyone with fibromyalgia have painful urination?

Postby junebenton07 » Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:08 am

Hi guys,
I'm on Gabapentin too, and often i feel an urgent need to pee, but when i get there to the loo and sit well its almost as if i have to strain to pee, which feels very foriegn to me, when we go we just sit and away it comes, is this the drugs do you think or is it something to do with the fibro!
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