I need some help

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I need some help

Postby jan8787 » Mon Jun 14, 2010 4:28 pm

i really need some help as iam going crazy
on the 1st of may i woke up with a cold and and a very bad sore throat, the cold and sore throat went after a week and i started with a cough he cough was quite bad and went to the doctor said i had a virus and would go,anyway it was on and off not every day but most days.

then last sunday my chest was hurting quite bad and couldnt breath very well so i went to out of hours doctor who said i still had the virus but would give me antibitocs as it might go on my chest.

on the monday i couldnt get out of bed coughing more and more and couldnt talk well i kept jerking when i was talking and sometimes when i wasnt it was like a spasam the doctor came and changed my tablets gave me some others and then on thursday i called him out again as i said i wasnt no better and still jerking its hard to explain but thats how it was, he gave new tablets and sent me for a x ray which i had on thursday.

over the weekend still the same everytime i talk i jerk its like its coming from my throat and iam still coughing and i sometimes bring up flem but creamy flem.

i went to the doctor today and just left there and was in tears as she doesnt know what is wrong with me says my chest is clear and heart rate fine and blood pressure normal she says i have no infection and asked me if iam stressed bout anything or worried and i said no i just want to be able to talk properly like before and not coughing and feeling crap.

she said i have a tick but doesnt know how i got it and thinks its in my head, thats why iam so upset she wont send me anywhere as doesnt know who to send me too, i did see a neurolgist last year as i was getting days where i was so tired and could hardly move like everything was numb i couldnt move my arms legs nothing then after an hour or so it went away.

i had that about three times last year and one where i was sitting down doing nothing and it just came on,anywaym the neurolgist did tests said he could find nothing and put it down to fibromyalgia.

i just need to know if anyone has this and what it is and when it will go.
i need answears as iam going crazy with it all.
i have been told my x-ray wont be back for ten days.
thank you
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Re: I need some help

Postby denys » Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:10 am

Hi Jan, I dont have anything as severe as you describe although I do have a cough and if yo look through the forum you should find a thread someone else posted asking about coughing.

Try not to worry too much before your xray results are in as it will undoubtably make you worse. here are some :hugs: :hugs: hoping they make you feel a little better.

I have broken your post down a little as it is really difficult with FM to read big blocks of text, so hopefully you should get a few more hits with some helpful advice. All I can say is be nice to yourself and dont try to do too much :blowkiss:

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Re: I need some help

Postby Ellen Tracey » Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:48 am

Hi Jan,

I had a really bad chest cough cold etc a couple of weeks ago, i went along to be checked as a couple of years ago i had pluerisy so tend not to leave chesty colds too long nowdays :crazy:
I went along to our drop in clinic and a nurse gave me a thorough check and said my chest was clear, i found that strange as i was coughing up flem :?: she assured me that no anti-biotics were needed so i have just carried on regardless!

I do feel better cold wise but i still have this cough and occasionally i cough white flem up! my daughter has had this same illness and she too is still coughing and is occasionally coughing up flem :(

It has left me with a very sore neck/throat area and chest and rib area which i have put down to the coughing :? , i was in bed for 7 last night as the pain in my body just got too much and i felt exhausted.

I hope you feel better soon, im off to enjoy the heat of the sun soon, i find that sometimes helps.

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