Throat narrowing sensation

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Re: Throat narrowing sensation

Postby tonydin » Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:25 pm

hi all .have had a lot more of this throte sensation last few days and seems relateted to my neck dr thinks throte muscles tighten around wind pipe and cause feeling , i 2 rushed to a&e once and they found all ok but still hade feeling
it really is horribial and i still think it must be a growth some times ,
fibro seems to tighten all mustle groups and cause these symptoms
roll on jan when i can find out for sure
all the best
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Re: Throat narrowing sensation

Postby debbs » Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:51 pm

i to get this feeling and agree its awful has made me sick some times its just as if things wont go down :yikes:
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Re: Throat narrowing sensation

Postby loubie » Wed Oct 13, 2010 9:07 pm

had a lot of this this week
its like very slow moving, not nice at all :yikes:
loubie xx

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Re: Throat narrowing sensation

Postby mooch » Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:56 am

I have noticed this recently I cannot swallow pain meds I think it's a combination of dry throat and my throat feels narrower and food gets stuck and I can feel it sliding down slowly with pain it's very odd. All my meds I have to break up to swallow I thought it was just me..and in a way I feel better knowing others experience this too..if you get what I mean
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Re: Throat narrowing sensation

Postby lynda williams » Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:38 pm

Hi Im suffering at the moment with a very dry mouth. My throat feels sore all the time I also feel like im choking been sucking throat sweets but still suffering. Lynda Williams
lynda williams
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Re: Throat narrowing sensation

Postby gill44cardiff » Tue Nov 16, 2010 3:36 pm

Hi all

My sore throat loss of voice narrowing is down to my asthma. So I am told

:? very it can cause similar if coughing all the time, but if not coughing.

Sure the doctors think it's all in me head.

I just suck on a throat lozenger to try and help it.

Hope you find s/thing to ease it soon.

Gill :wave:
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