low estrogen/oestrogen - possible cause of FM?

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low estrogen/oestrogen - possible cause of FM?

Postby sarahb » Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:42 am

Hi all,

I have recently been really unwell and my symptoms had all flared up plus my periods were worse than usual so I visited my doctor. It's a new doctor and I didn't want to mention that I had FM right away, I suppose I didn't want him to dismiss the pain as FM.

Anyway I had a variety of blood tests and I have just been told that my oestrogen (however it's spelled) is low - well outside of the range it should be. I was really tired and didn't bother asking any questions at the time, and I'm being referred to a consultant anyway.

Having a look at the internet, info is not so easy to find but aside from info about menopause (which I am not having) there are quite a few sites which list symptoms of low oestrogen which I have certainly had and always thought it was the FM.

There does seem to be a lot of cross-over and some sites suggest that FM can be in part caused/contributes to FM and in particular that FM is more prevalent and more severe in post-menopausal women (who have low oestrogen due to menopause)

The main symptoms I could relate to were things like-
night sweats
cold chills
muscle/tissue pain and stiffness
hair loss
weight gain/appetite changes
sore feet
forgetfulness/foggy thinking
intolerance to exercise
bladder problems
racing heart/pulse
insomnia/sleep disturbance
fatigue which gets worse during the day

Once I see the consultant I'll post and let you know what is said.

For me, I think this could be quite a breakthrough as I have always felt that the FM had a hormonal link and that my periods were really severe, at this point I think that the low oestrogen is probably what makes the FM worse.
Also, we've all probably been told over time about trying to "manage" symptoms, adjust our lifestyle etc and I'm actually really relieved that now I can turn round and say - ha! does not matter how well I manage it because there is a specific, measurable medical condition that shows up on tests which will cause me to be ill regardless! It's amazing how much less guilty/useless I feel!

I should also say too, I had to go through 3 doctors (the last one was great and insisted on the hormone test and apologised for the earlier ones) and go for 4 blood tests (they kept spoiling/forgetting to do different ones) to get this hormone test, as I am 32 and the earlier doctors said there was "no need at my age" as I wouldn't be menopausal.

I would definitely recommend that you speak to your doctor about having the hormone test if you have FM no matter what age/sex you are.
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Re: low estrogen/oestrogen - possible cause of FM?

Postby loubie » Fri Sep 10, 2010 8:21 am

i wish you luck with your next appointment :hugs:
but have to say that i am on HRT tablets & they are just estrogen.
i had hysterectomy when i was 31 and although they left my ovaries
had to go on estrogen at 34 as was going in to the change.
i am now 47 and still on them, was dx with fm just over 12 months ago
so for me, its not a possible cause :(
loubie xx

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