Bowel and Bladder Problems TMI Sorry

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Re: Bowel and Bladder Problems TMI Sorry

Postby neytiri » Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:15 pm

sorry your having trouble
I too understand :(
It drives me mad how many things fms seems to mess with in your body

i'm fighting at the min with my bladder
I go 4/5 times a night . . . for a drible lmao
its joke !
I have tried not drinking later so my bladder should be empty
but I take amitrip which makes you thirsty
so I either stay away with thirst
or get up and down all night for a dam drible

thankfully my bowels have been good at late
but in the past have had the same probs

sadly it goes with the teritory of fms :(
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Re: Bowel and Bladder Problems TMI Sorry

Postby Angel777 » Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:59 pm

Yes I have this too. Often i have thought I have a bladder infection but it never is , it has usually been the Ibs and an irritable bladder . I find I live in fear do you all? Fear of another fibro flare , of the bladder and bowel bit and my utmost fear is the muscle shock that comes when all spoons are used , it terrifies me .
I can fully understand the posts on giving up driving as I have had to do this and am just about to move from a very rurally isolated location as the not driving happened whilst here , so we decided to move to a town and found a house within ten minutes walk of shops and doctors . This is an ok amount of time for me to walk with my stick , and have exercise too + there are plenty of loos around . I also have arthritic problems with the pelvis instability as the sacro iliacs are worn away so this i find affects the bladder and bowel too and the very thing that can help everything which is a walk , is hard to do. I do pelvic exercises but find it is a constant thing as with Fibro the muscles don't hold do they so well.
Now I have developed fluid in my legs just below my knees , around the fibro points there, so I now have support stockings to wear . Blood pressure is fine , and the nurse thinks once I have moved and am walking the distance I feel comfortable with , in a place I feel safe as there are loos handy everywhere , I will feel better, more in control , and I agree with her .
I have been taking natural things for the Ibs and irritable bladder which are helping and when you feel it getting worse at any time you can up the dose easily , I keep a maintenance dose going every day and seem to just manage it ok .

Anyone else had the fluid in the legs or around the fibro points ??

Love to all angel xxx
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Re: Bowel and Bladder Problems TMI Sorry

Postby tireesix » Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:06 pm

My bladder is causing me a load of probs at the moment but I am being referred to a urologist to work out what it is. I also have 'bumpy' kidneys and produce too many oxalate crystals which could be causing the irritation in my bladder, but then, the gynae wants to know if there is a metabolic thing going on that is causing this.

What is a bit worrying is that I had a gynae tell me the bumps may be cysts and therefore, I may have polycystic kidneys BUT for some reason I was never referred over to nephrology so, now my bladder issues are getting worse and my back pain is worsening, I have suddenly wondered whether it is all connected???? I don't know and and i figured I won't bother worrying about it, will just wait and see what happens.
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