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Digestive issues

PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:12 am
by LuRoll
I appologise in advance if this is TMI for anyone here. Saying that, you have been warned.

I know I know. IBS. I do have it, it seems.

BUT, I have had Fibro and symptoms of since I was a little girl. Only recently have I been constantly experiencing Diarhea. I have a feeling, it's not due to IBS because it seems it's not triggered by anything.

I suspected it was a suppliment I was taking, but it's not. It's not any of my medications. Obviously I know this because I've been taking them for months with no issue.

This started at the start of February this year (2011) I suddenly had a weird hot feeling in my large intestine, which was diarhea. I thought to myself "damn, this is going to be annoying"

A few days went by. I realised I was not vomiting, I had no nausea either.

I do sometimes get pain and discomfort in my intestines and I may have an ulcer in my stomach which seems to come back randomly.

I don;t know though.....this seems different....wrong. I mean everything withy fibro feels wrong....but this feels WRONG wrong. Like it shouldn;t be happening.

This is going to sound very very weird but. I have a friend with Chroanes disease (spelling?) bowel movements smell exactly the same as how the bathroom sometimes smelt after he had a rough patch with it. It's also very very dark. I can't see any blood though.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should be saying to the Dr? I am deffinatly going to him about this. I'd rather not leave it and then find out I need my colon removed or something.

Re: Digestive issues

PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:35 am
by FluppyPuffy
You could try keeping a diary of what you've been eating and when, as well as drinking. If you have any of what you've described or anything else, note that in it as well, same with any worries, problems stress etc.

The things you've described could be due to various things, and you've said yourself you need to see your gp about this. Take your symptom diary with you so your dr can look at it and take it from there.

Not sure what else to suggest, I have IBS and it's not pleasant, even on a good day (whatever one of them is :dunno: :facepalm: ) :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed: it starts to settle for you soon :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed:

Re: Digestive issues

PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:51 am
by Adele

i have coeliac disease so i know all about bowel problems. take fluppy's advice and see your gp. it may also be a good idea to have your stomach ulcer looked at. i was diagnosed with an ulcer 8 or 9 years ago and last week i finally went in for a gastroscopy. i had it done under sedation and it turns out i don't have an ulcer after all just bad acid reflux.

Re: Digestive issues

PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 1:14 am
by nutty1
:wave: def keep on at your dr ,you want it checked out . :fingerscrossed: :goodluck2:

Re: Digestive issues

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:15 am
by shazq
Hi Luroll

Sorry to hear you have having problems.
IBS is very common with fibro and the symptoms can mimic crohns.

I have had crohns (17yrs) and also get IBS, i can tell the difference as have had it so long, and have learnt over the yrs what triggers it but cant stop it flaring :( or the pain, i stay away from spicy foods now as my stomach just cant handle them anymore.

If you are worried then go have a chat with your gp who will send you to see a specialist at the hospital, they will do a colonoscopy or barium test to see if you have crohns.. :goodluck1: