Cervical spondilosis help please?

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Cervical spondilosis help please?

Postby Julie. » Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:54 am

Hi and Good Morning to you all.
I wonder if anyone with this condition can help a little as what with FM and left sided migraines i don't know whats what anymore. :? :? :?
I have DDD of C3/4/5 Discs but no nerve entrapment, well not that i know of. I had an MRI scan a year ago but things are worse now.

Can i please describe this pain,feeling.
Left side of shoulder is swollen hard and painful to touch (could be FM) , the base of the left side of my neck is the same.
I have severe pain radiating all over the left side of my whole face which is numb and stiff and all over the left side of my head. My eye is affected too and keeps blurring and twitching. My left arm hurts too but again could be FM.

Now the whole back of my head,neck is constantly stiff all the time anyway.
Yesterday once again i thought i had another migraine as been having bad episodes of these weekly and took a maxalt melt which did help a little.
My son came and took me to the chemist in the afternoon as was concerned as said i did'nt look right.
He gave me Ibuprofen one to take 8 hourly and told me too take two paracetamol every four hours too as i can't tolerate any other pain meds and told me to see my Gp.
My whole face however both sides this morning feels very stiff ( i do have TMJ) and had dental treatment two weeks ago.

I am in so much pain today and worried as can't get to see my usual Gp till next Wednesday.
Other than a wheatbag or biofreeze nothing is helping and would appreciate any advice with anyone suffering with CS as well as FM.
Sorry for rambling and not making alot of sense but not been up long. :penguin: :?: :wave: :wave:
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Re: Cervical spondilosis help please?

Postby denys » Fri Apr 15, 2011 11:12 am

Hi Julie, I suffer with CS in C4/C5 and have some of the similar symptoms to you except for the face issues, my face does tingle and go numb on the left side but it doesnt swell. If you cant get into the GP maybe a call to NHS direct as it really needs to be checked out. It may well be FM or CS related but it shouldn't be accepted as such until its confirmed. Sorry I'm so foggy this morning I cant remember the right words so this is a little rambly :fingerscrossed: you get to see someone soon and get sorted :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :flowers: :flowers:

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