Hand pain

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Hand pain

Postby BlueBerry » Thu May 05, 2011 4:45 pm

Hey all

Hope noone minds me make over topic but it kinder bugging me :?

I have problem with my left hand thanks stupid sugry went wrong, but it about my right hand is it normal in fibromyalgia to have pain in it. I have trouble writen and drawing god it a pain want try do some my hobby drawing and I can't do it to much pain. I had same problem years back at univ but I just got on with it but it come a really pain again thought i ask , also talk doctor about it :dunno:

Image Pingo is my middle name :lol:
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Re: Hand pain

Postby loubie » Thu May 05, 2011 4:52 pm

hi :wave:
hand pain is very common in fibro
so yes, but do ask your GP about it.
i have terrible hands and wrists very painful.

hopefully it will calm down :fingerscrossed: :flowers:
loubie xx

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Re: Hand pain

Postby Ldyalb » Thu May 05, 2011 5:44 pm

Mine started in my hands at 15 (was told tendonitis on and off) and then full blown fibro. I find my hands are stiff, especially the right hand which is permanantly freezing cold. I also get pains in my fingers, difficulty moving fingers, lots of throbbing and tingling and best of all my fingers sometimes randomly move around of their own accord :shock:

I also have hypermobility so both my thumbs will bend backwards to the arm, especially the left, and both little fingers bend backwards, again, esp the left (I seem to be more hypermobile on the left side of my body than on the right as a whole) and the little fingers are particularly prone to random movements.

My GP is calling me tomorrow (he's on holiday today, I've never known one person have so many holidays) to discuss a referral to a local hand therapy clinic at the hospital where I have Physio and soon Hydro as well. My Physio can't refer me, it has to be my GP or my Rheumy but apparently the hand clinic will help me adapt to my hand pain and give me some hand exercises - have to say, I'm intrigued lol - and also suggest aids or adaptions which might assist me in opening jars, cutting veg etc. It might be worth asking your GP if hand therapy is available in your area?
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Hand pain

Postby Niki d » Thu May 05, 2011 6:14 pm

Hi every one,
I get really bad pain in both hands but more so my left one. I don't have a lot of grip and often drop stuff, yesterday I dropped my MacBook from nearly the top step "gutted" another thing broken I usually wear a thumb and wrist support but had left it down stairs.
About the only thing that helps is when I go to the hospital every 6 months he injects them for me
He reckons I'm his only patient that's asks for needles lol.

Hugs to you all niki 
Niki d
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