why codeine or tramadol may not work for you

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why codeine or tramadol may not work for you

Postby Adele » Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:30 pm

i 've been reading about opiod use in palliative care when i came across this information:

that "7% Caucasians lack the enzyme (CYP2D6) necessary to convert to active form" this referred to both codeine and tramadol.

this may explain for some of us why certain medications do not work. what about the rest of the meds we're on?

the link is: http://www.hospicecare.com/manual/pain3.html

i also read about butrans patches
Cautions: patients on opioid agonists
- buprenorphine can act as an antagonist and may produce withdrawal
patients on other opioids
- another opioid agonist will have no or delayed effect

this means that there is a possibility that the butrans i am taking is actually blocking or delaying the effect of any opioids i take. by adding it to my cocktail i may be receiving less pain refief. that actually explains a lot to me.
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