same old treatment, same old thing.

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same old treatment, same old thing.

Postby sjc » Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:35 am

Hi folks - hope you are ok today, despite your conditions - hope all is well.

Anyway, before I go on, just would like to ask you what treatments or medications have you tried so far? Have they worked? Do you feel that your doctors or specialist is creative and open-minded about the treatments or medications that they offer you? Have you either had issues with trying certain medications or treatments?

Basically, I have tried everthing for my fibromyalgia and nothing works for me personally. The only thing that seems to be ok for me is my solpodal - they are strong analgeasic painkillers that contains 30mg of codiene/500mg paracetomal in each in terms of painkillers, I think solpodal is reasonably ok for me....

However, I have tried at least 6 anti-depressants, 2 anti-pyschotics, 2 anxiety related tablets, ibrufen, etc....but none of them work for me at all....I have tried taking vitamins but they don't work...I have tried other things, including pacing techniques, mild exercise, relaxation, group therapy, pyschology, physiotherapy, pyschiatry, and so forth....but that doesn't seem to work at al..

I know that nobody can cure fibromyalgia and depression, but I should feel some results from the treatments and medications that I have tried but nothing works at ll...

I have phoned up NHS direct yesterday, and they told me the same old information that I already know - try pacing, try exercising, try anti-depressants.....Don't get me wrong, I know that some people have find pacing, exercise, anti-depressants very useful.....but for me , it has not work...

I noticed that when I go to the doctors, it always the same old thing - try amitrypline or try pacing or try walking - and to be honest, I am getting to the stage now where I think well is there any alternatives to the conventional kinds of treatments what the NHS offers people with fibromyalgia or similiar conditions.

So my quesstion is really are there any other alternatives on the NHS for people with fibromyalgia or fatigue problems?

Personally, I wish there were something different that people with fibromyalgia or CFS could try, and I hope that one day the NHS could be alittle bit more creative and open-minded with what they could offer. I have noticed that nhs doctors or specialists tend to lump all people with fibromyalgia the same - there theory is that all fibromyalgia suffers need amitrypline, an exercise programme or learn to pace....this is all very well but not everybody with fibromyalgia or CFS can tolerate anti-depressants, exercise, etc....

What do you guys thinks?
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Re: same old treatment, same old thing.

Postby diane1 » Fri Jul 13, 2012 1:07 pm


I know what you mean I went to pain management course but it was for people with pain in general and not just fibro. I found that some of the things they had us try just werent right for fibro people. The other problem is that most fibro suffer's also have other conditions like depression,chronic fatigue or arthritis etc.

I have also not yet found a drug that works. Well I did but th edrug didnt like me. The pregabalin they call as the fibro wonder drug did work but as they increased the dose I suffered excessive itching and then my skin started to peel off. I was taken off it straight away and I suddenly realised how good the drug had been. Ive now been allowed a low dose of pregabalin and so far no itching so ive resigned myself to this is as good as it gets for now. I also had a problem with the night meds being mirtazapine which worked but my body wouldnt stop putting weight on so became dangerous. They stopped the drug and have lost over 2st so far without dieting. The problem is I cant find a drug to replace it they either have horific side effects or dont work at all. I'm hoping the dosulepin im on that has just bee increased to 75mg a night will work. So far I sleep for an hour then am awake for an hour but the increased dose is making me dopy of a morning, i'm still doppy now though and its 1pm. Fingers crossed. :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed:

I've come to terms with my limited abilities now but its hard some days. Lets hope more research will eventually led to some answers and new drugs.
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Re: same old treatment, same old thing.

Postby chrisgoneferal » Fri Jul 13, 2012 1:27 pm

I have found over years and years that nothing works for now I take nothing....the pain is worse at times but then I don't feel like a zombie or suicidal so much. Syndols were great but haven't been able to get them for ages....walking helps but as have arthritis and spinal probs can't get far...pacing myself works take a week to the housework that I used to do after work.......going to try alternatives now just don't think the drug companies are up to the task or the NHS they only have drugs to offer us....if you only have a hammer every problem looks like a nail.....

I am going to try more vitamin D and explore other options. All drugs get less effective over time. The advice the OT gives does not match the governments drive to make us all live on a pittance or go to work....the NHS may as well give up because the Government thinks we are work shy spongers...I would love to go out to work on the days that i can manage to get out at all.................

Tumeric for the arthritis the herbalist told me warming herbs cinnamon is good......can't make us worse which drugs can

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