5-HTP and other medication?

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5-HTP and other medication?

Postby linoak90 » Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:10 am

Hi every one I've read a few bits about 5-htp and wondered is it ok to take with other meds at present I'm on gabapentin,mst,co-codamol, amitriptyline, zopiclone, Effexor xl, and oramorph when required even after this cocktail I'm still in severe pain and don't sleep for longer than three hours. Basically I'm looking for anything that will give some relief but don't want to take anything that that will mess around with the other meds. Any advice is greatfully received .

Love to all.

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Re: 5-HTP and other medication?

Postby tentimes » Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:45 pm

I tried it and had good results. If you are already topped up in serotonin then it won't do you much good except give you a headache. Is the only real way to measure your serotonin is a spinal tap, nobody is going to know how much is kicking about in there.

Suck it and see. It is relatively harmless in small doses (like those you buy) but larger doses can induce serotonin syndrome, though this is very rare.

I asked my doctor and she said she didn't think it would do any good but it wouldn't do any harm. She was not allowed to sanction me taking it though as it is not licensed and any doctor will have to say the same thing under the rules. So yeah, suck it and see :)
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