Vitamins and Diet

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Vitamins and Diet

Postby katesmith244 » Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:57 am

Hi everyone, I am sure if I had time I could find a previous post about this but as I don't have time to trawl through everything maybe someone can help me.....

I am thinking about trying to help my muscle pain symptoms with diet and vitamin supplements as I have heard there are some that could help, even if it's a little bit. Can anyone suggestwhere I should start? Is there a book or article I can read that may tell me things that can help, either by cutting out or adding to diet/vitamins? Or can anyone name a few things for me to start with?

Thanks all :-) x
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Re: Vitamins and Diet

Postby DRM » Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:21 am

Hiya, there is a lot of conflicting info out there. One common thread i've found is that people with FMS are often lacking in magnesium. I got a spray in Holland & Barrett which I use before bed on wherever is hurting most. With regards to diet, I seen a kinesiliogist who gave me a diet list of things I shouldn't eat - including sugar, chocolate, cheese, yeast, mushrooms, caffine, vinegar & sauces. She also advised me to drink only Evian water. I know this sounds harsh, but when I can manage to stick to it I really feel the benefits, but can't say it's easy!
Hope you find whatever works for you.
Denise x
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Re: Vitamins and Diet

Postby Cariad84 » Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:36 am

Hi Katesmith244,
I can only say what is working for me so far, I am taking a vitamin supplement called the MP Max V-system it is divided into an AM supplement and a PM supplement, it has alot of the minerals and vitamins I have seen mentioned as well as alot of the herbs etc that are recomended e.g. astralagus. The AM one contains a formulation to help fight fatigue and the evening one contains a formulation to help you sleep. They are from my protien, heres the link:
I feel a difference in myself since taking it.

I have also seen alot about cutting out sugar so I am now using stevia as I like sweet tea etc this way I don't have the sugar but I have the sweetness and it contains anti oxidants. I have also read about cutting out caffine, so I have stopped coffee and I only have 1 cup of tea a day. I mostly drink red bush or herbal teas now. For pain I have just brought a wheat bag off e-bay for £2.99 and its amazing it helps take the edge of the pain. I have also read alot about the sketchers shape up shoes making it easier to walk a little further than you normally can so I am going to give that a try as I found some on e-bay with £100 off!

Alot of people say yoga and meditation are helpful, I am going to try that as soon as I feel able to, even if its only 5 mins a day to start with.

Diet wise I have started trying to drink more water and that is helping me feel a bit less "foggy" I have started reading about the low oxalate diet but for now I think I am just going to up my veg, cut down on the fats, swap completely to un-processed wholemeal bread and pastas etc but that said I am going to cut my wheat intake down a bit and up the other forms of carb e.g potato's and sweet potatoes, root veg to compensate.

Hope that you find something that helps and Im sure that others will post lots of what works for them too.
Cariad84 :)
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Re: Vitamins and Diet

Postby Jaycee » Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:52 pm

Hi, I can't face the low oxalate diet but try to follow the arthritis advice which is for a Mediterranean diet, so far more achievable day to day. Also trying to cut out caffeine not always successfully.

I take Selenium ACE which is supposed to support the immune system as I find the fibro symptoms are much worse if I am otherwise unwell, fingers crossed I haven't seem to have got coughs colds etc since I've been taking it.

I also take vitamin D as most people seem to be deficient and we have had a lousy summer.

Anything's got to be worth a try.
Take care.

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