Help pls urgent

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Help pls urgent

Postby HelpIMessedup » Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:45 pm

I have Fibro.
At the beginning of the month I had a miscarriage, gutting but then reading up after I found that my meds would cross to a baby in third trimester so in all my wiseness, I stopped all my meds except my fentanyl patch 50 mcg. So I stopped 20mg Cipralex and 5x 2mcg and I take a Ropinerole for restless legs. After stopping the lot, I was chuffed with myself, I then got an infection in a piercing which was bad and yuk, piercing removed, wound cleaned n healed.

Then "cold turkey" or whatever hit me. I don't know if it is as I gradually got back up onto my daily dose of Diazepam and Cipralex but I feel SO ill.

Is this cold turkey or blood infection? Clammy, sweaty boiling up, shivering, feeling sick even.

I don't know what to do, am panicking.
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Re: Help pls urgent

Postby karen59 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:00 pm

Whatever it is you need to get to the doctors :cry: it's not normal and you should speak to a professional - good luck :-D
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Re: Help pls urgent

Postby diane1 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:01 pm


These could be symptoms or side effects. I would suggest that if your burning up and in pain and after what you've been through i'd phone NHS direct, you cant be to careful and to many things are put down to fibro.

Put your mind t ease and call now thats what their there for.

Good Luck and Welcome :welcome: :goodluck2:
Does an elephant with fibro fog ever forget ?
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Re: Help pls urgent

Postby amazonia » Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:05 pm

If you are in UK call NHS Direct now. Better to be safe than sorry. Any kind of bloody poisoning will start with a rash which doesn't disappear if u roll a glass over it and if you get a rash go to the hospital. Otherwise book a docs appointment as soon as u can to discuss things. I have felt worse than terrible this week because of emotional/psychological stress.. Know it sounds funny but try drinking hot water with lemon juice in. It stops sickness. You may have food poisoning by the sounds of it but there has been a strange feve bug going round UK South East so could be unconnected x
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Re: Help pls urgent

Postby Meg_Burdus » Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:07 pm

Sounds like you've been through the wringer, hun. So sorry.
I agree with what has already been said. You may find that the restless legs are down to low iron levels. I have found that a quick course of iron tablets sorts my legs out straight away.
I do hope that you manage to get everything sorted soon.
Take care.
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Re: Help pls urgent

Postby HelpIMessedup » Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:03 pm

Thankyou so much. I went into panic mode. I eventually slept last night very deeply. Woke up not so bad. Not clammy or fluctuating perception of my temperature (i say perceived because my hubby used a digital fish tank thermom under my arm and it said 35.4ish but as we werent 100% sure of its accuracy, he did it under his own arm so as to compare us) Fingers crossed I shall be ok.
No sign of any rash. Always found NHS direct to be a waste of time :(
Thanku lovely peeps. I will update if more adverse effects but today, so far so good. Once I'm over this I'd better change my board name. I was freaking last night and couldn't even sign up properly clicking the right pix.

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Re: Help pls urgent

Postby Flash » Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:45 pm

Hi Lyn, just a thought, it sounded as if you had a panic attack last night. I get them, sometimes they're horrific, I think I'm going to die. Other times, I know what is happening so can think more rationally. Sweating, feeling sick, shaking, cold, shivering, pins and needles, tight chest, rapid breathing and heart beat all at once. The fear is un explainable. Does that ring any bells?

Glad you're feeling o.k now though.

Anyway, welcome to the site, I hope you feel able to rant, ask questions or give advise here. Not a bad lot.. I found out just recently.
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Re: Help pls urgent

Postby denys » Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:15 pm

Hi Lyn hope you are feeling better, you really need to speak to your doc about coming off all your meds, I'm so sorry you have had so much to cope with and understand your need to try to get rid of the meds from your system but doing it all at once cannot be good for you.

:welldone: :welldone: for getting as far as you have but get some professional help to take things further. If and when you decide you want to change your user name then PM me or any of the mods and give us your email address plus the name you wish to be know as and we will ask the administrator to sort you out :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

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