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Re: Pregablin

Postby thescream » Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:25 pm

thanks hooplykim and good luck, i am sure you will find the best meds that work for you soon it must really help when you have a good and understanding GP who is willing to let you try new meds.I think that I will change to a new GP surgery I'm sure i carnt get any worse with the GPs i have already got.Before i was diagnosed i was in hospital all the time spend 3 weeks at a time in there and I couldn't walk i was in a wheelchair with 2 young boys i was put on steroids for over 3 years i couldn't come off them as everytime i did I would collapse. I also suffer with sarcoidosis, pulmonary aspergilosis and emphesemia which cause me to suffer with copd.I have been on anti depressants for over 15 years which have helped. x
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Re: Pregablin

Postby hooplykim » Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:43 pm

For goodness sake that's horrible! I too have a son, he is 14 now but it's still a struggle, so being in and out of hospital and in a wheelchair must be hell. All we want from our GPs are answers and a little help but there are so many people in the NHS who are so dismissive about FMS. Check out all the other posts cos they will be so helpful to you, and the moderators like fluppypuffy ( and all the rest but my fibro brain has drawn a blank at other names!) they are so helpful and have loads of advice and surely you will get some help. But changing your GP is a good start, there might be others on here who know of fibro friendly GPs in your area

Stay strong
Fibromyalgia is not who we are, Just something we have.
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Re: Pregablin

Postby Ribbonsrabbit » Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:46 am

Its absolutely incredible that tramadol are handed out like after dinner mints but you cant get gabepentin. I was meaning to say somat about tram and am too tired to remember if I did or not but after watching two close friends almost doe from taking that drug I would not touch it with a s****** stick....
My specialist prescribed the pregab and my amazing gp stopped it and gave me gab.... and 2 referrals and I gave hom a thank you card because after 6 years I found someone who does not cover their ears because theres none more deaf than those who choose to cover their ears. He has listened and helped at single time I asked.... got the discharge letter from the hosp today, about 2-3 weeks after the first injury..... I walked normally for someone under the age of three and am on a morphine patch accirding to them...
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Re: Pregablin

Postby Subee » Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:59 pm

Hi folks. I have just started pregabalin. I went for a lie down and 4.5 hours later I woke up!! :shock: Oops. I feel a bit spaced and is early days..I only started night before last. My pain is normal generally but my knees are hurting and so sensitive to pressure, just rubbing them gently hurts and feel bruised. Lucky its only my knees feel like that. I have been having really vivid anxious dreams which isn't nice. I a back in work on Tuesday and dreading it feeling like this. :crazy: I know I will get used t he but can't be having such long sleeps everyday!! Hope everyone finds something that works soon. xxgentle hugsxxx
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Re: Pregablin

Postby Iceskatemum » Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:32 pm

Not sure who has the right to prescribe pregabalin , with me it has been a consultant on both occasions, someone said it was 'cause the meds weren't licenced for FM so a GP couldn't do it..
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Re: Pregablin

Postby FinkyDink » Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:29 pm

The rheumatologist who diagnosed FM suggested three meds, Amitryptine, Pregablin and Gabapentine. Amitryptine helped me sleep but did nothing for the pain, so doc has just put me on Pregablin. So far I have a headache :(

My doc seems to know little about FM but does research in front of me and is open to my suggestions.
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