Morphine and Lyrica interactions ?

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Morphine and Lyrica interactions ?

Postby E-Bunny » Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:17 pm

Hi Guys,

Last night i was rushed to A&E as i was crippled by stomach pain. I was given quite a bit of morphine whilst there.

I finally got home around 2:30am. An d was up for work at 4am.

I took my morning dose of Lyrica..

I am sat at work, unable to walk propely to feeling very "drunk", i am having major problems focusing on everything, vision is extremely blurred.. tbh i might as well have come to work straight after drinking a full bottle of vodka o.O

I am thinking maybe morphine was still in my system when i have took the lyrica.. coupled with only 1.5 hours sleep has severly increased the lrica affects !!

Has anyone had this happen ? I am sooo out of it at the moment and afraid ppl who i work with are noticing as i dont want to get pulled over for thinking i am drunk or under the infkuence of drugs ( which i guess techniacally i am o.O ).. I feel so crappy..

Any advice on how to lessen thse side affects ? I have eaten but that has not helped..=(

Tina x
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Re: Morphine and Lyrica interactions ?

Postby whoami » Wed Jun 26, 2013 3:40 pm

E-Bunny I am no Dr but have had my share of morphine. I would say you are feeling the effects of the drugs. I am surprised you went to work at all. I would call your GP office and ask if he suggests you be at home. You are not to drive etc. for a while after being given heavy doses of morphine. I take some powerful pain med and when I have gone to emerg they have insisted someone be with me for 24 hours after release. I suggest you go home and rest

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Re: Morphine and Lyrica interactions ?

Postby kazza65 » Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:24 pm


I take slow release morphine and lyric but do not have any of those effect that you have.

But at lunch time when i take my lunch time lyric and my morphine tablet i do get sleepy.

hope this helps..
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