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Postby silvermaneuk » Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:01 am

I probably spelt it wrong long. Anyhow I wondered if anyone used this as a muscle relaxer. I find sometimes at night I cannot get my muscles to relax, they often go rock hard and this causes me to be in more pain, and increases the twitching and spasms I get. A couple of times I used diazepam, and it really helped. I was only on a very low dose, but even then it did help.

So do any of you use something like this?

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Re: Diazepam

Postby pinky1 » Fri Jan 31, 2014 6:55 am

Yes, I have been back on diazepam for over a year now and it really helps with the spasms. But the consultant I saw the other day about a recent seizure wants me to do a slow reduction off it. Tbh I wouldn't recommend diazepam to anyone I've been on and off it for 10 years. Horribly addictive
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Re: Diazepam

Postby Jeany » Fri Jan 31, 2014 11:01 am

I take it for when I need to go to hospital appointments to sedate me as I have agorophobia, but I am VERY aware that it is extremely addictive, and no matter how tempted I am to get a good nights sleep I do not take it. My GP will only give me a small amount anyway, as it is so addictive.
I know its hard, but you really do not want to get hooked. I had a bad come down when coming off Citalapram last year, and had hallucinations and very vivid nightmares it was horrible, so please be careful.
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Re: Diazepam

Postby painprincess1 » Fri Jan 31, 2014 11:10 am

Yes I've had them but dr said there very addictive so has given me new ones .
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Re: Diazepam

Postby Monty99 » Fri Jan 31, 2014 12:16 pm

Before I was diagnosed the doctor prescribed me with diazepam to help me sleep at night, they worked a treat! Long term use of any drug is not ideal so I'm now in Doxepin at night coupled with a slow release Tapentadol. They seem to be doing the trick to aid a peaceful sleep for now, albeit I do have the odd night with muscle spasms but overall not too bad.
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Re: Diazepam

Postby Karou » Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:29 pm

Yep, I was given them before my doctor was absolutely sure about my diagnosis. They worked great to help mesleep, relax my muscles and slightly improved the pain but because they're highly addictive I wasn't allowedmore than 2 weeks worth.

I've also tried Lorazepam, it worked quite well and while - according to GP- it's not as bad as Diazepam it's still way too easy to get hooked which is why I'd only use them for a very short time.

To help me relax I've downloaded some guided relaxation mp3's. I also put lavender essential oil on my sleep socks. Keeping my feet warm is a must or I won't get any sleep. Doesn't always work, sometimes I'm just too stressed, but especially the PMR ones can make the difference when it comes to stiff muscles.
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Re: Diazepam

Postby Zeberdi » Fri Jan 31, 2014 2:45 pm

I have a total loathing for diazepam. My husband was put on it to help with the stress of terminal cancer. His moods became totally unbalanced. He was unreasonable, he was totally different. I was told it was the cancer affecting his brain but didn't believe it. I actually manged to get out of him how much he was actually taking. By this time he was aggressive, depressed and irrational. He really believed I wanted him to die so I could have everything and be happy without him - totally delusional. He believed every thing he said totally and utterly. I was scared sick he would kill himself or hurt someone and his behaviour towards out daughter was ugly. He stopped taking diazepam just to prove to me it wasn't the drug when a friend told me it can have this effect. He had days of sheer hell with withdrawl BUT HE CAME BACK TO ME. The real person was there, it wasn't the cancer growing in his brain it was the drug. I can honestly say that if he had been taking this for other reasons and had not stopped taking it it would have made me leave him - for my own sanity but also for my daughter.

I then found out that many people have this reaction to this drug. I know it is a simular drug but I take oxazepam for my panic attacks and only when I have to. Most of these drugs are a derivitive of the same thing. Please if you are taking this drug be aware that normal/rational to you could be sheer hell caused by the drugs for those who care for you. You will not be able to understand their problem with you and if you get this reaction please, please seek help. I can not describe how painful it was to see someone I love in such a state and not be able to reach them, to be rejected and targetted for abuse when trying to love and care for them.That the medical profession failed totally to identify the cause for this change in behaviour despite it being a know side effect.

I know how desperate we can be for relief. I know how desperate my husband was. We lost precious time and created ugly memories because of a drug and the relief wasn't worth the cost. I just want to make those who do react like this aware - put in safety watches for your behaviour, for the times you take this drug and keep careful control on taking it and monitoring the effects. If it works for you with no problem then fantastic but I just wanted to make people aware of the other side of this drug.
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Re: Diazepam

Postby The Fizz » Fri Jan 31, 2014 9:47 pm

I was originally taking Diazepam (2mg) for muscle spasm in my upper back, as I'd gone to the doctor's emergency surgery as I couldn't even dress myself and could hardly speak without being in severe pain. I was then weaned off them and put on Baclofen but had to supplement the Baclofen with occasional use of Diazepam. My doctor did say she didn't want me to have Diazepam regularly because they are addictive. This is just temporary in any case as I'm seeing a specialist in March.
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Re: Diazepam

Postby HazelB » Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:31 pm

I take them occasionally when I get a really severe muscle spasm.

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Re: Diazepam

Postby jovigirl69 » Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:31 am

Back in September 2011 I wrenched my left shoulder while jumping (this was in the days when I could still go horse riding). My shoulder took 9 weeks to heal and then it started flaring up again and was in constant spasm, then it would settle down after a weeks course of diazpam, then it would flare up again so it was a vicious cycle of being on and off the diazepam. Eventually it got to the point where I wasn't getting a break from the spasms in the shoulder so have now been on diazepam daily since March 2012. I'm on 5mg 3 times a day, this also helps when my back goes into spasm as well. I have tried other muscle relaxants like robaxin and another one but they didn't help at all so my doctor has allowed me to stay on the diazepam as it is the only one that helps. GP did send me to physio when it flared up permantely, but this didn't help, so he eventually sent me to the pain clinic as I had an ultrasound on the shoulder to see if there was any damage but there wasn't and the consultant that diagnosed my fibro said it was a result of the fibro. The reason my GP referred me to the pain clinic was because he thought that I had torn a fibre in one of my muscles which wouldn't have shown on the ultrasound, so my GP wanted the pain clinic to give me a steroid injection in the shoulder to give it a chance to heal so that I wouldn't have to keep taking the diazepam. The pain clinic refused to do this as they only perform this procedure if you are going on to have an operation so they referred me to see a clinical psycologist to find other ways of coping with the pain. I have seen her 3 times now and at the moment we are working on me accepting my diagnosis of fibro because even though I was diagnosed in May 2012 I still haven't accepted it. I understand what it is and what affects it has on me but I'm struggling to come to terms with it so until I get passed that bit I can't move on to other things. So I am still on the diazepam.
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