baclofen has anybody tried this?

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baclofen has anybody tried this?

Postby andrea » Sun Dec 04, 2005 10:55 pm

Hello to all on this forum, my name is andrea and i am new to all of this.
I was diagnosed with fm on thursday after years of suffering.
I have had countless drugs including nortrptaline (useless)
gabapentine again useless
codiene etc the list could go on forever i am 32 but feel 92 and although i am glad i now have a name for my illness i am still confused and dubious as to any form of relief. i have now been given baclofen has anybody tried this? also sorry i am going on but i am still shocked that having had all of the symptoms of fm for so long that i had not been diagnosed earlier it would have saved me my husband and two young children lots of heartache so i seem to be in overload at the moment to try and understand this any help will be much appriciated
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