i need some help

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i need some help

Postby maxinevalentina » Thu May 15, 2014 10:56 am

I just got diagnosed 5 months ago with fibromyalgia and iv been getting support witch I need coz I feel a mess
But iv been going to my doctors every other week begging them to help but they keep saying I'm to young to be put on prescribed painkillers
I have tried every single painkiller over the counter nothing works nothing helps numb the pain iv tried creams gels pads everything.
I got to the docs pour my heart out and they do nothing. Iv changed doctors 6 times they just font believe me .
I feel like I'm going insane all I do is cry coz I'm in that much pain .
My family couldn't care less about me so they don't help but my mates understand witch is Gd.
But I just don't understand y after 5 months of begging for help by my docs they won't.
Has anyone else had the same problem I feel so alone frustrated . I used to be so happy
now I feel like this condition is a life sentence .
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