Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal Silver

Postby DRM » Thu Aug 14, 2014 9:25 am

My friend has been reading about colloidal silver & is convinced it will help my Fibro. I am reluctant to spend more money on something else which promises great results but has alsolutely no effect! Has anyone tried it & if so did you find it helped?
Thanks Denise x
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Re: Colloidal Silver

Postby MarlenaJ » Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:01 am

Hi, I have not tried the Colloidal Silver, must I HAVE tried the Colloidal GOLD, and I must admit I have felt much better. I have been using it for several months now. I have M.E. as well as Fibro and while it may not eliminate all the pain it does help with mood and other symptoms. But not everyone is the same. All I know is that after trying it, we invested in a larger bottle. I was that impressed. Gentle hugs to you.
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Re: Colloidal Silver

Postby iblinkin » Thu Aug 14, 2014 4:17 pm

Here's an article on colloidal gold. ... id=5660438

I'm going to look into this myself!
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Re: Colloidal Silver

Postby denys » Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:57 pm

Interesting would be good to hear how you get on with it if you decide to go ahead as it may help others

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