Lidocaine Infusion ?

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Lidocaine Infusion ?

Postby Paisleyjane » Sat Oct 11, 2014 6:00 pm

Hi all, went to pain clinic this week. Really lovely consultant. Felt silly, he said, yes classic fibro and I could have cried! How daft is that, I think it was because all the trigger points are painful and not just some of them. Plus have scoliosis of spine and he said will eventually need more for that. For now I am going for monthly Lidocaine infusion, with trigger point injections after 2 and 3 months. Then if it works bi- monthly for however long it works. Fingers crossed.
How has anyone found them? Plus will I be able to take myself there and back? Will be easier if my son and I can go alone, with me driving. fairy_dust fairy_dust
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Re: Lidocaine Infusion ?

Postby Graciebaby » Sat Oct 11, 2014 10:40 pm

I would be very interested to hear what the Lidocaine infusions are like and how the infusion makes you feel during the procedure and afterwards.

It sounds as if you have an excellent consultant.
I do hope the treatment works for you. Very best of luck with it and please post your progress on here won't you :-)

G. x
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Re: Lidocaine Infusion ?

Postby soretro » Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:43 am

That sounds fantastic!
I had trigger point injections about 8 years ago when I was travelling in another country. I didn't realise they were available in the UK, as when I have asked about them in the past no-one seemed to be doing them. I find the UK is about 10 years behind USA and other leading FM treatment countries? The trigger point injections immediately release tension for me - I remember it felt like a a huge weight of heavy stones had been removed off my back. I have enquired about them here in London at my current hospital, but they only offer accupuncture on a short term and I have found accupuncture does not do the same thing as the trigger point injections did :-)
Where is your pain clinic?
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