Pregabalin and Naproxen Concerns

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Re: Pregabalin and Naproxen Concerns

Postby sleepyal40 » Fri Jan 30, 2015 8:33 pm


I take 300mg Pregabalin with Naproxen and it has helped my pins and needles and feet pain. :-D
I haven't had any tummy issues.
All medication is trial and error, what might be right for me may not be right for you. The only thing you can do is try but if you're really worried then tell your GP.
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Re: Pregabalin and Naproxen Concerns

Postby Tally1068 » Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:26 am

:-? I've been on pregabulin for about 4 months now but I'm thinking of stopping them. (I know you're supposed to wean yourself off them,I'm on 150mg a day) because while the pain is noticeably better, that's offset by the numbness, especially in my feet which is like Rheinhards Disease but not affecting any other areas.

That's very painful and not something I've ever had before, plus my weight gain has been pretty spectacular. So feeling 9 months pregnant is not a good thing especially as I'm an OAP. It's like I'm swapping one area of pain for another.
I've never heard of Naproxen.

I'm going to try just Tramadol and amis, which used to work for me. i was only put on the pregabulin when I was hospitalised.
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Re: Pregabalin and Naproxen Concerns

Postby Zia2014 » Sat Jan 31, 2015 4:36 pm

I've been given Pregabalin today, 2 x 75mg a day to start with and then came up it after a week. Am hoping it will help as the pain seems to be worse at the moment!
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Re: Pregabalin and Naproxen Concerns

Postby Phlodgeybodge » Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:01 pm

UPDATE: Went back to the doctor after a week taking Naproxen during which time my crohns / IBS symptoms flared massively (could have been psychological!!) exlained that it had upset my guts and he immediately took me off them, upped my dose of Pregabalin to 600mg per day and gave me co-codamol and prednisolone (again) for the inflamation.

Things have settled a bit.
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Re: Pregabalin and Naproxen Concerns

Postby denys » Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:16 pm

Glad things have settled a little for you :-D

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Re: Pregabalin and Naproxen Concerns

Postby HazelB » Sun Feb 08, 2015 6:52 pm

I take pregabalin and meloxicam which is a NSAID similar to naproxen. The meloxicam does nothing for my fibro pain, and I only take it to keep my costochondritis under control. I also take ranitidine to protect my stomach
(soft hugs)
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Re: Pregabalin and Naproxen Concerns

Postby cdcrossy » Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:28 pm

i seen a pain consultant in the walton centre in liverpool and i was on neproxen and pregabalin and he took me off naproxen because he said it damages the liver and it does the same as the pregabalin so no use for it if on both
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Re: Pregabalin and Naproxen Concerns

Postby pickles » Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:25 pm

Hi I just read your concerns about naproxen. Lets just say my tummy hates that stuff I have never had such horrid pains in my tummy before taking naproxen i thought i was going to die its that bad. Plus it made me feel very hungry all the time nothing ever seemed to fill me up. Plus I am taking a tablet for my tummy but naproxen still upset it. So be very careful an weigh up the pros an cons of it. :(
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Re: Pregabalin and Naproxen Concerns

Postby cdcrossy » Wed Mar 18, 2015 9:29 pm

i seen a consultant who took me off naproxen and was shocked i was on it i asked about it and why he said it damages your stomach wall not as bad as Ibuprofen thats why i have to take lasaprole in the morning to protect the stomach, I'm on all kinds for fibro i counted the tabs a day and its around 21 tabs a day i found a new one a spray called sativex I'm seeing a consultant at end of the month I've printed out the fact sheets for it and i plan on getting it.
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Re: Pregabalin and Naproxen Concerns

Postby Jojochelski5 » Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:38 pm

I've tried many combinations and although naproxen helps me with the pain, it causes major flare ups to my stomach ulcer even tho I take omeprazole(my gp is not happy to prescribe it long term due to new research findings). What I've found most helpful, is not eating any processed foods, it took a month,but really made a difference.
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Re: Pregabalin and Naproxen Concerns

Postby ArnoldBlack » Sun Jul 10, 2016 6:27 pm

My coach told me to start accept steroids. I am new to all of this. After all,it's not secret, that steroids is
the most effective means for a set of lean muscle mass and increase strength. I decided to try.
On another forum, peole advised me a website where you can buy Some of you made the order on this site?What are you thinking about it? Is it safe???
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Re: Pregabalin and Naproxen Concerns

Postby Olpk » Tue Jul 26, 2016 11:27 pm

To all taking lanzoprasole

Be careful , I was taking this for GORD and I was hospitalised several times with severe gastric problems.

A consultant gastroenterologists finally diagnosed the lanzoprasole as the cause. It's not meant to be taken continuously for long periods. Even the instructions in the box say this apparently.

Taking the drug for a long period caused a build up of a poisonous enzyme in my intestinal tract which caused my bouts of illness.

I came off it and moved to Omeprazole and have not had an attack since but I do try to have regular bouts off the drug as a relative has just had similar issues with this drug.

They are not designed to be taken continuou
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