Lowering Nortriptyline dosage

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Lowering Nortriptyline dosage

Postby Genevieve489 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:13 pm

I've been on 50mg of Nortriptyline at night for two months now. I saw my doctor today and asked if I could come back down to 25mg as my mouth was very dry and my sleep was as good on 25mg as it is now.

He agreed that it would be a good idea and then I would have somewhere to go if my pain got worse. I asked him about withdrawal symptoms, but he said he didn't think this was very likely on such a low dose and as I haven't been on it for very long. So, I've dropped down to 25 mg tonight.

Has anybody else lowered their Nortriptyline or Amitriptyline dosage by 25mg? Just a little anxious about it.
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Re: Lowering Nortriptyline dosage

Postby GaryFx » Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:20 am

Hi I have been on nortriptylene now for about five years, I take 100 mg a day now but I have varied this amount in the past , I have cut it down by 50 mg and I can't say it's had any adverse effect, the only time I do notice anything is if I forget to take them, then I start to get anxious but other than that I haven't had any strange side effects other than a dry mouth which is common.i have only just started on the full amount in the last couple of months as things have got worse but I think the less pills you can take the better, so don't worry about cutting your dosage as long as you think they are still working then carry on. Just don't stop taking them all together otherwise you will notice the effects of withdrawal.
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