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Postby kitten » Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:44 pm

Well have been off Amitriptyline for quite a few months now was ever only on for a time did feel slightly better in the sense of not feeling like I was in a fog and not as irritable and mood swings hands still painful but I have O /A as well skin was still sore to touch ,

However over the last few weeks I feel like I have now gone backwards don't sleep, so irritable, at the moment even a small thing that's not right will get me angry, to the point i want to scream , don't feel is if I can't bothered to even speak to any one , the only thing I can say is I don't feel is that I am in a fog

The muscle in my neck has started to play up really painful the one that goes right down the side of your neck front of your head and eye and the back of your head behind the ear, got the return of headache's ( just can't think of the name of this muscle )

Do I have a trip to the GP or wait it out , the GP don't seem bothered one way or an other ,, when I asked about coming off ami all I got was a shrug of the shoulders, and was told some people can take it and others can't so under my own steam came off it , so just wondering to go back on it for awhile and see what happens
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Re: Amitriptyline

Postby Garyl » Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:09 pm

Kitten only you can make that choice. i was put on iit did not agree with me so was taken off am better without tje amitriptyline side effects as for the Fibro pain i have a cocktail of pain killers that do work
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Re: Amitriptyline

Postby Ivy67 » Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:24 pm

Hi, have you tried Nortriptyline? It's more expensive and doctors don't like to prescribe it but helped me a little :)
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Re: Amitriptyline

Postby Anuib6 » Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:38 pm

I have been on Amtriptyline for years now, at night & I feel the benefit so much, my hubby takes at night too. My doctor did try to bring me off of it, started coming down to & then stopped it all together. My god I felt all of those things & had to return to the doctor & tell him I needed to go back on them as I could not manage. A professor for Arthritis &Fibro put me on the & cannot come off now.
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Re: Amitriptyline

Postby Topcat0001 » Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:15 pm


I have been described it but dont want to take it. That pain you have in your neck does it go in to you head like a pinched nerve on the same side of the head where the neck hurts?
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Re: Amitriptyline

Postby Soph » Tue Apr 05, 2016 1:40 pm

I was prescribed Amitriptyline a few years back and had to stop taking it also. Felt like I was living inside a bubble, just like the fog you described. I was sleeping upwards of 20 hours a day. The benefit pain wise that I felt whilst on Amitriptyline was not significant enough to outweigh the side affects. I stopped taking the Ami. I spoke to my doc and she suggested Nortriptyline. As far as I know, its exactly the same but with a slightly different make up. Its given to people like us that have problems with Amitriptyline, as this is quite common. I have found this much much better, and have been taking (same dose as the ami) for a number of years now without any problems. Maybe mention this to your GP and see what he/she thinks? Its certainly better to give it a shot than suffer in silence. Its by no means a miracle drug, but then I didnt find Amotriptyline to be either. I found that both just 'took the edge off'. That everyday base level pain disappears, and if you suffer at all from restless leg it also helps in that area. More than that, I havent found much that makes a difference but even that small help makes life manageable.

As far as neck/back pain is concerned have you thought about chiropractic care? Being a long time sufferer of every kind of neck/back pain known to man kind, and horrendous cluster migraine, I found chiropractic care a god send and I really recommend Andrew Jackson. Im not sure where you are based but he has 3 surgeries in Manchester/Stockport/Oldham. I can not recommend this man highly enough, he gave me back my life. There is nothing to lose by giving it a shot, except a few quid and if you're anything like me you'll have done that a lot over the years on one supposed cure or another.

Good luck lovely, I hope you find some relief soon.
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Re: Amitriptyline

Postby Suziebells » Tue Apr 05, 2016 3:34 pm

I can't comment on which drugs you should take (I take Amitriptyline at times, but find the benefit to pain offset by sluggish fogginess which makes it hard to work/function so tend to save it for weekends or really bad phases) but I need to say that when it comes to Chiropractic then "There is nothing to lose by giving it a shot" is certainly NOT true.

Appropriate chiropractic treatment is relevant only to a narrow range of ailments, nearly all related to musculoskeletal problems. But some chiropractors assert that they can influence the course of nearly everything from allergies to urinary tract problems!

Chiropractic 'treatments' can do significant and permanent damage in the wrong hands. Living with the pain we have is bad enough without risking injury to go with it so if you do choose a chiropractor, stick to passive physiotherapy measures such as heat, ultrasound, massage, and electrical muscle stimulation.

Take care of yourself first.
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