medication.. any suggestions?

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medication.. any suggestions?

Postby ALZ » Thu Mar 18, 2010 3:59 pm

hi, im new to the site!
can anyone help or suggest possible meds as my GP doesn't seem very patient with me
i was started off on pregablin which rapidly increased the extent of my fibro-fog (something the gp refuses to believe exists)
admittidley i hadnt realised how benifial it HAD been in other ways until i had to come off it!
i'm now on gabapentin 1800mg, paracetmal & ibuprofen or codine for the really bad days.
these help with some of the symptoms but make me very nausious, have violent headaches, clench my jaw making my face & head throb, & have even more difficulty getting to sleep!
i've tried tramadol for the pain but literally could'nt get out of bed whilst on them due to dizziness & vomiting, i also get bad side effects to many other meds e.g antidepressants like citalaropam, amatrypilene, fluxotine ect!
i believe the intolerances to be due to the fms but thats yet anotheer disbelieve of the gp!

any suggestions would be much appreciated well wishes to you all alz
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