LDN - Petition to the House of Commons

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LDN - Petition to the House of Commons

Postby Chelsea » Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:41 pm

For those who have helped and supported the 10 Downing Street petition last year, thank you very much indeed.

Both my partner and I have met with our respective MPs so I thought I’d give you a quick update on what's happening with LDN in the political arena.

Having initially consulted my MP prior to petitioning 10 Downing Street for LDN to be made available on the NHS, we spent the year getting signatures, getting media coverage, contacting the relevant health/research bodies in the UK, Universities, Professors – you name it. As said all along the petition to 10 Downing St was always just a ‘flag’ for the more serious work to be done and that has begun.

The Rt Hon Nia Griffiths MP will be handing in our petition to the House of Commons in Sept/Oct and will be applying for an Early Day Motion. What this will achieve is more media awareness and a 10 minute meeting with our Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. Fortunately for us, we exchanged a lot of emails with Mr Lansley during his term as Shadow Health Minister so was able to communicate with him directly. He is very aware of LDN and so is David Cameron whilst he was the Shadow Leader of the Opposition Party (now our Prime Minister). Nia has all communications we have exchanged with Mr Lansley so is quite up on what we want out of the meeting.

With regards to my MP, the Rt Hon Stephen Crabb, he is now a whip for the Department of Health and at our meeting with him last Friday week, we stressed that LDN is a supply and demand issue. The demand for LDN is there, but the willingness of GPs to prescribe it isn’t. For example, my GP would love to prescribe LDN for me, knows a lot of people on it, knows it is safe but until the Govt say it’s OK to prescribe it, he won’t risk his licence to practice – I understand this. So we’re in a position where patients want it, GPs want to prescribe it but until we get a large scale long term trial done ie 800-1000 people for 2 years, this isn’t going to happen. He could see the problem so he enquired about the cost.

We requested that out of the £100m us LDN users are already saving the NHS on an annual basis in the UK, we wanted £7m ring fenced for these trials. We broke this down for him. We also want the NIHR to do the trials but the funding is to come from the NHS budget, not the NIHR as they will not fund further research without any funding regardless of who applies for it. We are still in communications with the NIHR. Stephen meets with all the health ministers three times a week in his current role so he will be discussing this with them. As this is very much a cross party political issue ie MPs who are supporting the petition to the House of Commons are from labour, conservative, liberal democrats etc., Stephen will be bringing this up with the All Party Parliamentary Group on our behalf.

One of our team members earlier in the year was liaising with a Lord about LDN and my MP stressed the importance of this. As luck has it, this particular Lord has been appointed as one of the Health Ministers so both us and Stephen will be working with him for this to be discussed in the House of Lords.

The important thing is we get Westminster buzzing with LDN when parliament starts up in September. So please if there’s anyone out there in the UK and willing to help by writing to your MP to request he/she supports the petition to the House of Commons please contact me. I’ll send you the exact wording etc. We really need as many MPs behind us as we can get and get these damn trials done once and for all. This is a great opportunity for us to get LDN readily available to all who could benefit from it.

This last year has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride and an amazing learning curve. At least all the research, ground/leg work (and believe me, it was no walk in the park) has been done and now it’s time to pass it over as we have done to two very capable MPs who believe in our campaign.

Thanks again to everyone’s continued support and belief in us – please don’t forget to email me if you wouldn’t mind shooting off an email to your local MP.

Hope everyone is well.

Jayne (jaynelcrocker@gmail.com)
Take care

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