balance problems

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Re: balance problems

Postby ladyofwales » Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:33 am

ye, same here. I donk drink alcohol as it makes my pain and general state worse the next day and for a few days after. The last ime i drank it took 4 days before the affects wore off, that was 6 years ago.
I get dizzy, nausea and have problems with balance. i walk into things and stumble quite often. Thankfully i have always managed to stop myself from falling while out. but have had a few falls in the house. One time i fell down my stairs, only to be saved by grabing the rail and stopping myself from falling forward to the bottom of the stairs. I didnt get off scott free, i broke my toe. which still gives me probs now. That was in Dec 2008 . I reciently got out of bed lost balance fell forward, tried to regain balance but the bedroom wall was in the way and my head crashed straight into it.. Just made my head ache worse for a few days, aahhhh.
I told the specialist about these symptoms last month and she confirmed them as symptoms of fibro.
hope this helps :)
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Re: balance problems

Postby sootybean56 » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:21 am

hi ,
yep me too have fallen loads of times, think its the heaviness in legs
also stumble and need furniture anything to steady myself and stop me from falling
even had dizziness doc said its down to fibro :blowkiss:
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Re: balance problems

Postby thebryans » Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:58 pm

:wave: Hi all,
yes I am the same, can fall over when standing still, and have had sveral falls on stairs etc, mind I did have a bad bout in the 80's when I suffered a bad inner ear infection, but now its worse than then as folk think I am drunk, and no I do not drink, and havent done noe for last 7yrs,
loraine xxx :hugs:
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Re: balance problems

Postby sweetleaf2 » Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:54 pm

Me too especially early in the day, I aim to walk through a door frame and end up walking into it, my shoulders arms and hips should be black and blue, but I rarely bruise visibly, which is a shame, cos I have nothing to show for the pain Im in. I have a problem when I need to stand still too, I sweat and feel sick and if I dont sit down I end up on the floor. People used to think it was because I wasnt eating, they dont say that any more. :roll: :oops: Image
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