Rhuemy's expects me to be free of symptoms not sure?

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Rhuemy's expects me to be free of symptoms not sure?

Postby happychicken » Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:46 am

Hello I find this site really helpful and also get notices on my facebook which many of the topics are useful and interesting, make me feel that I am not on my own with this.

Sorry this is a long one, but need to get this off my chest, here goes .........................

Got a copy of a letter past few weeks written by Rhuemy and sent to my GP saying unfortunatley I am still symptomatic? Does he mean he can cure me? Has anyone else had this? Or do I misunderstand the term?

I have seen my Rhuemy twice and have an appointment end of year to update. First he was nice and diagnosed me on initial appointment. I have not had MRI but have had numerous xray/bloodtests and physio which are normal, I have had backpain and hip pain for over 9 years. Suffered with severe symptoms of IBS and migraine, anxiety, etc etc etc, tick the boxes. I just haven't run to and from the doctors and wish I had now as they are treating me as if this is a new problem. I have only gone to them now because I now need help from other peoplke and am in alot of pain. So here goes ...................

First querey, I thought that all tests needed to be done to diagnose FM and rule out other health problems. So why not MRI for a 9 year hip/back problem? I have various falls and pregnancy over the years which may have caused injury so surely this should have been done.

Second query, my pain spread to new areas of my body end of last year and pain levels increased and became a daily problem rather than a few weeks or a month at a time, so presume I have gone from occaisional flareups to a constant pain with increased pain during flare ups. Over the years I suffered with fatigue. This is now increased and I presume because my FM is now worse. FM is not supposed to be progressive but it appears to have done so wit me, GP and Rhuemy said it was my fitness levels increasing pain and that I should push through pain to exercise. Being a member of a gym I found I could no longer go as although I tried to push through the pain increased and gradually began to burn out. Why don't they understand?

Third query is my elbows are in daily pain even a little light carrying or lifting like a handbag makes the pain intolerable for 3 or 4 days after, I have had swelling too. Again bloods clear and was put down to FM but thought that the swelling was feet/legs and hands with FM? Surely an MRI would rule out anything else?

I told Rhuemy since last visit I had visited GP and been prescribed anitseizure drugs, that the Amitripylene he prescribed was intolerable, he was unimpressed, My GP had prescribed Antiseizure meds Gab something? (sorry terrible with remembering names) by GP but Rhuemy insists I take antidepressents and I can't get on with them, I have children with special needs and cant afford to be spaced out or sleeping more than I do already or have any more problems than I do already with having FM. He wont listen and stated he was suprised GP prescribed what he did due to costs. I told him that my pain was not under control. He thought I meant I am fine most of the time but expreienced pain inbetween tablets but I am still in pain all the time. Again he did not listen and has prescribed anitdepressents again and offered an alternative antidepressent if that does not work. I can't take them, don;t know what to do as he is not sympatheic and I have tried anitdepressents in the past I know what works for me don;t I?

Do I ask to see a different Rhuemy? I am scared to ask for this. I am beginning to feel like a nuisance.

Lastly, One of the GP's at my surgery asked my husband what he suggested for my FM when I said I didn;t get on with anti depressents and needed some pain relief. He didn;t know looked at my notes and the asked My husband who was embarrassed and said "alchohol" might be a choice lol. So if I end up a alcoholic it's was doctors orders lol. Seriously though, surely when someone is descperate this is not what you need to treated as.

Any how I smile and carry on.....

Your thoughts appreciated, and could do with some advice.
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Re: Rhuemy's expects me to be free of symptoms not sure?

Postby denys » Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:22 pm

Lisa has offered some good advise which I cant really add to but in the case of your GP asking your husband I think I would have been extremely annoyed and told him so :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

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Re: Rhuemy's expects me to be free of symptoms not sure?

Postby happychicken » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:07 pm

Thank you so very much. Sometimes, as it is said again and again, things become overwhelming and you don't trust your own judgement and can doubt yourself. Having your replies has made a huge difference.

I've struggle with my diagnosis, I feel like its a whole new world, one I have to learn and understand and adapt to which is frustrating, I want to be the old me, but also having learnt that my symptoms are associated with a condition and that I'm ill not lazy or useless. That there is a reason why I cant do certain things like others do, like being supermum.

FM is hard to understand, and sometimes I can't believe that the condition is real myself, but it is and I can most certainly feel it lol!!! So it's fair to say others must have trouble understanding. I have found this diagnosis hard to digest as with other conditions for example, Arthritis there is a physical reason for your illness, with FM you get physical symptoms but no physical cause as such. It's hard to get your head round.

Wish GP'S understood, one GP said push through your pain and exercise, its not real pain, just your mind tricking you, you cant injure yourself. No but the pain can get worse and I love exercise, just hate the uncontrolable pain after doing it, and you are right that it is finding the right exercise and level to suit you.

Will take on board what you say, think I will have some notes to put across how I feel and what is happening, when I see Rhuemy next as he is blunt and it puts me on edge, I can maybe come across more direct and confident about the situation so hopefully he may take more notice. At least I wont lose my trail of thought if its written down in front of me.

Why is it with FM you need to be forceful and keep fighting to get help when it is the last thing you feel like doing or even able to do at times when it may matter the most. Such an unfair illness at times.

Thanks again, nice to know others understand.
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