Totally fed up with Dss / Atos !!

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Totally fed up with Dss / Atos !!

Postby toplessbug » Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:48 pm

So beginning of August I ask for a reconsideration on my ESA to Support group heard nothing, then forgot about it.
Then 10th aug went for another medical, been waiting for the brown envelope but nothing so today I rang up.
Wish I hadn't.

So medical, 1st they where short on docs as some where ill, so I waited 1 half hrs. Then the person who interviewed me was nice, but when asked if I could get on the bed I yes but may need help getting off, fair enough I thought.
Well she said we'll for go that then cos I'm 6 months pregnant and can't help.
Then she was clock watching as she was nearly finished.

Anyway medical ok I thought.
Found out today she awarded me NO POINTS at all.
Plus I'm also not been awarded the support group either.

So now it's appeals all ways round but this time I'm seeking professional help.

I just can't believe this has happened.
:( :(

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Re: Totally fed up with Dss / Atos !!

Postby deborahpovey » Fri Sep 07, 2012 11:20 pm

im the same still waiting atos have put me on wrag and i have asked them to send me out their reasons for this heard nothing also dla said entitled to nothing after 4 yrs of l/m and m/c asked them to reconsider their decision as it was like they hadnt even read my form not heard anything for 9 weeks sick of it and now in debt
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Re: Totally fed up with Dss / Atos !!

Postby denys » Sat Sep 08, 2012 2:20 am

Sorry to hear it went the wrong way, :goodluck1: for your appeal :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed:

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