wrag - go on course or loose money !!

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wrag - go on course or loose money !!

Postby pixiecat » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:38 pm


I have been to jobcentre a few times with this wrag thing and been sent on a "pain managment" type of course and when I went back
to see what next I was asked ----- is there anything you fancy doing in college? :shock: she said theres nothing else she can offer me and if we didnt find anything they could stop my money.

I said not really as I cant sit long cant write and they dont run hobby courses :-)

so she told me about a course that sort of caters for problems and I went yesterday, ..... it was the learn direct people and I am now on a course to do IT word processing etc. the only consolation is that I can do it from home and only have to go in every 3 weeks.
so let the fun begin :lol: :roll: :crazy:


Re: wrag - go on course or loose money !!

Postby gary15871 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:51 pm

i had my wrag interview today as still waiting on appeal to go into support group which i applied for appeal nov last yr i had been in there 5 mins and she as now said not too come into jobcentre no more all future appointments will be done over the phone and she also told me to re appeal as things are extreamly worse now than they were a yr ago so after waiting a yr start again with new appeal to supperseed the one in waiting its all so much stress and messing about so here we go again
:-? and :shock:
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Re: wrag - go on course or loose money !!

Postby miller » Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:23 am

never had to have a wrag interview though now i get no money (since april ) only national insurance contributions paid . I too am applying to go into support group a loooooooong drawn out process ,my partner works full time and his wage not minimum but not good is having to support three of us , (my youngest daughter has stayed on at school in second year now) because he not on minimum wage we get no housing benifit or council tax benifit, been told by tax credits will have to wait till april next year to find out if we are entitled to any tax credits and it will be paid out then. Daughter not entitled to anything in her own right even though she is 18 because of her dads earnings which are slightly over what the law says that she is entitled to anything , its madness we are getting so much into debt just to survive this cannot be real . what a very vicious circle :(
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