Neurologist appointment......

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Re: Neurologist appointment......

Postby Graciebaby » Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:00 am

The very first consultant I saw was a cr@p rheumatologist, a real dinosaur.
He actually told me to push through the myalgia, which I tried to do. After all, I thought, he must know best as he's a consultant!
He had no understanding whatsoever of myalgic type conditions and the harm that failing to rest at an early stage of the condition can do to a patient.
It was the other consultants after him that kept telling me to adjust my lifestyle and pace and rest.

I'm ashamed to admit that as far as I was concerned, there was also a kind of arrogance to my attitude. I believed that I could beat this thing with shear ruddy determination and I could never possibly become as poorly as others with ME/FM.
I have to admit that I am still not good at pacing and I boom and bust, despite many months of CBT to try to help me come to terms with everything.
I know what I am supposed to do as far as managing things is concerned, I'm just not good at it, but I'm not arrogant about it anymore. I rely on medication to keep me on my feet. One day, the meds won't be adequate any more and then I really will be stuffed. I'm not at all proud of this, far from it.
We moved house several months ago and of course there was and still is an awful lot to do. Just as I was starting to pace a bit better, I was forced to draw on my reserves and really push myself to cope with the move.
Reading some of the posts on this thread has made me realise that I have come off track a bit (actually, quite a lot!) and need to get back to basics with my attitude to managing my time and energy.
Medication can only do so much, the rest has to come from me.
I seem to need to learn everything the hard way don't I! It's not a good way to be and I would hate to see another sufferer behave this way. :nono:

G. X

I don't work of course, as I lost my career some time ago, but I still do more than I should. I would NEVER advise others to do the same.
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Re: Neurologist appointment......

Postby whoami » Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:39 am sound a lot like me. Probably a lot of us are aike.

I still need to be reminded by my hubby on occasion. It is a hard journey and the road has many turns and bumps. The big hill on the journey is denial. I put myself in hospital due to it. If we can help one person to not take that turn in the road we should be pleased.

It is hard to put our lives and future in someone else's hands. For Dr's to tell us what we can do or not. To have our lives ruled by fibromyalgia. The thing is.....our lives are not ruled by fibromyalgia. We are in control. we should not allow this illness to dictate our lives.

To live a reasonably normal life we need to listen to our bodies and respect them. Know when to push ourselves and when to back off. We also need to listen to all advise offered by Dr's and other patients. Any information might be just what we needed.

Expect the worst in life you won't be disapointed and you'll be prepared!
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