The Ache

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The Ache

Postby painprincess1 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:10 pm

every morning i get up and belive it or not for the first hour i dont feel bad at all, apart from stiff fingers.within the hour in which i take my pills and wash and dress the little one BANG the ache hits me . now its like flu it don't hurt but it knocked the s..t outta me. i swear id be bed ridden if it wasn't for the baby. lately its getting worse but if i don't move i feel so much mum and dad are away this week soon so i can relax a bit i do all the house work as mum needs new hips my dad is always working so its down to me,there not tidy ppl lol. but i have a roof over my head so i cant complain.the hard bit is they always say are u hurting and i say no trying to explain the ache is like telling a man what its like to have a baby u cant or i guess a man telling ua women what a prostrate
feels like lol saying flu dont seem to help much :-|
smiles and the world smiles with you. cry and you cry alone.
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