Fibro- you're not the boss!

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Fibro- you're not the boss!

Postby debstertigger » Sun Mar 02, 2014 4:20 pm


You're always with me
Yet you are not kind to me!
As soon as I wake you want to play
But I don't like your game.
You poke,you prod,you sting and burn
No amount of stretches and turns
Shake you off
it's time to move and hopefully help you learn
I don't give a toss!
You are not the boss!

Here we go - out of bed
Stretch up high, dizzy pins and needles run from head
Through all my body to my toes.
You hide so well as no one knows
This daily routine just goes to show
I don't give a toss!
You are not the boss!

Now time to wrestle the stairs
But watch the light and it's glare
Eyes are stinging, but it's just the beginning
Of the daily bind that I find myself in
Down the stairs stiff and rigid
Hold on tight, I'll win the fight!
I don't give a toss!
You are not the boss!

Hooray I've made it down safe and sound.
Now begin the morning routine.
No change! it must always be the same.
The fibro fog has not lifted
So through it I blindly sift
Kettle on
To the loo
Drinks made
Lunches too
Breakfast ate
See I told you fibro mate
I don't give a toss!
You are not the boss!

Time for the stairs again
Hold on tight
Feels like I'm in flight
But really I'm still stiff and numb
And really don't need to end up on my bum!
Hooray I've made it
Ha fibro another one to me
See I don't give a toss!
You are not the boss!

It's not even been an hour
But need to hit the shower.
The most contradictory thing
Red hot water warms me up
I can start to limber up
But the power shower
Stings and burns
Still fibro will you ever learn?
I don't give a toss!
You are not the boss!

Hooray you say
Surely, you must be ok?
No, I retort
There's lots more sport!
Now the itching game starts.
You'd think with such severe itching
There'd be a rash
But no, fibro, likes a dash
Of itching from head to toe
But with no specific flow!
Cartoon character with itching powder
That's me, just not as funny!
But still fibro-
I don't give a toss!
You are not the boss!

An hour done!
Such great fun!
Now chn and work to tackle
Armed and equipped to fight the next battle.
All in the car, let's go
Journey to work is time to show
My head that you can go slow.
Clearly think of today's events
One step, two steps, now lament
When did you take over?
Still I shouldn't give a toss!
Cos' you're not the boss!

Long deep breathe, you're ready to go!
Time for the face on, let's start the show!
Smile and check all is in place
Need to ensure I keep an even pace.
Head is still foggy
It hides my words
People around me are
Looking perplexed
It's Not even a long or difficult word
But for me I have lost it and my mind is just blank
Good job the gap is filled by the kids, that I thank!
Still don't give a toss,
Cos Fibro your still not the boss!

Get through the day you say?
If only there was an easy way!
Routine is key
Or else I'm on my knees.
Only takes a little blip
For things to start to slip
Head is mush
Start to rush
Round and round in circles I go
Pain and fatigue and on go slow!
I am at a loss
But Fibro you cannot be boss!

Soon the work day will be over
What's the least I can do to
To get me through?
Marking, planning, prepping
Need to do it all without forgetting
Still have mum and wife duties at home
Fibro please leave me alone
Just for a while!
You go on and on
And think you have won.
You have made me cross
But you still can't be boss!

Nearly there
Body exhausted
Mind deleted
Feel defeated?
No- despite the pain,
Itching, burning, stabbing or stiff
One minute hot
Next freezing cold
Fibro you need to be told
I can't give a toss
Cos' you're not boss!

Time to take the pills
Need to sleep
Without a peep.
Body jerking
Not from twirking!
Just fibro thinks it can have the last word!
Enough for today
Fibro you've had lots to say!
I know you're here to stay
But despite all that
I can't give a toss
Because Fibro you're not boss!
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Re: Fibro- you're not the boss!

Postby Charmed » Mon Mar 17, 2014 3:27 pm

Love it! :flowers:
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