ESA very frustrating!!

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ESA very frustrating!!

Postby KP3282 » Fri Aug 29, 2014 8:32 pm

I applied for ESA in November 2013 due to chronic fatigue, chronic asthma, IBS, widespread pain and any other issues.

Since then I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and COPD, I'm on more and different medications now.

I filled out a very thorough ESA50 and supplied additional medical evidence, I'd hoped to get into the ssupport group without a medical.

Nearly 10 months later still nothing, I ccontacte my local MP who was basically fobbed off by the DWP, the DWP just said if I had any additional evidence then just to send it to ATOS so that's what I'm gonna do, I probably have no chance of getting into the support group without a medical after waiting this long, I'm dreading when I have an assessment though.
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Re: ESA very frustrating!!

Postby padders » Fri Aug 29, 2014 8:59 pm

I think most people are now having to have medicals no matter what support they send in, I have and had many friends sent for medicals even though some have MS and disabillingting illness and been on DLA and other disability benefits that originally had lifetime awards. I just don't understand why they are putting so many people through these horrible stressful and frankly stupid assessments!! Just sometimes think the government just like to make people's life's harder and harder.
In my medical I was asked to lift a empty box above my head, I asked why because there are no jobs out there that involve lifting empty boxes above out heads!! She wrote I refused. Other stupid things I had to do was close my eyes and touch my nose!! Take my glasses on and off and the list goes in. I no off any jobs that any of these stupid things I had to do.
I wish you look and fingers crossed you don't have to go for a medical.
I think it is worth a call to them and chase up your application as Nov seems a very long time ago to be waiting when they say 26 weeks. Just ring and check they haven't lost your application and maybe you will be offered a appountment.
Good luck x
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