PIP asessment

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PIP asessment

Postby Mazz64 » Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:35 pm

I had a PIP assessment on Friday, (after waiting 12 months) I was seen on time, I thought I would be in there about an hour at least, but I was in there only 20 minutes, she didn't ask many questions, perhaps she was in a hurry to get home, so I don't think I will get a yes. she said if I don't hear anything in 4 to 6 weeks to call them. I'm planning my appeal already.

For those of you that have had a PIP assessment how long did it take? and how long did it take to get a decision ?

hope your all as well as you can be today
Mazz x
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Re: PIP asessment

Postby zoomie » Mon Apr 20, 2015 2:42 pm

Hi Mazz,

My assessment took a little shy of an hour, I was asked so many questions my head spun, I was asked to show her how I stand up, sit down, walk etc. But I told her I couldn't as I was at the edge of my pain limit so simply getting back to the car would take more than I have, she nodded and carried on.
My decision came through the post two weeks later, standard rate for both.

Write down how you felt the interview went, length of time, the way she was, was she clock watching, irritable, not bothered etc. If you can remember what questions she asked that would be good. Make as many notes as you can, I have a feeling you might need them :( xx
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Re: PIP asessment

Postby funeral007 » Mon Apr 20, 2015 2:48 pm

Hope you had someone with you as in my case the accessor told blatant lies!! Was all over turned when It went to appeal. Good luck
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Re: PIP asessment

Postby WENMARIE » Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:44 pm

I had an assessment and the lady was lovely.

My mother-in-law answered the door and gave her a cup of tea.

She was very compassionate and took her time asking her questions. She stayed about 45 minutes and mentioned she is NEVER offered tea.
I was given the decision really quickly and received a back payment which worked out to be a years pay because of the length of time it took them to see me.

My advice is don't try to pull the wool over their eyes because they have read and reread your form so know which questions to try and catch you out.

Honesty is the best policy every time.

Good Luck!!!
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Re: PIP asessment

Postby Mazz64 » Mon Apr 20, 2015 9:57 pm

Hi all. Thanks for replying. My partner was with me so he has written down every thing of importance.
I told her the truth so it wont be any different to what I said in the form, so I'm not worried about that. She seemed ok, quite young looking (or maybe I'm getting old!) doing a lot of typing, she got me to push her hand in different directions, she asked how many minutes I could walk for without having to stop, stuff like that, and photocopied my prescription
It's my first time applying for it, so it wont be a surprise to get nothing. I'm passed caring at the moment. I have other medical problems besides Fibro.

Mazz xx
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