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Postby cate » Sun Jun 07, 2015 8:01 am

after years and years of trying to go it alone. I have reached rock bottom with this illness. The saying goes that "your struggles can bring about a new much needed change", and this has been the case for me of late!

Through desperation, and no where else to turn I returned once again to this FM site and I am grateful I did, and grateful I had the courage to speak honestly. And grateful to the steroids for taking away some pain in my wrists allowing me to write, communicate, with only minimum pain , for the first time in years!

You told me to get support. Search for pain clinic, join a FM support group in my area, return to my gp, see clinical psychologist, ask for help and share with my fam and close friends, my situation.

I phoned pain clinic helpline, were they put me in touch with the support in my area. Community Pain Support Groups. A lovely lady phoned me back and advised me of all the services available in my area. A godsend. I didn't know.

I accessed their website, and attended my first self help group meeting last week. I met a lovely bunch of people in the meeting and then again at a café a few days later. I am making 100% effort (taking account of my disabilities), with communicating with them on the facebook site. I don't feel so alone!!!!

I have my appointment for the specialist tomorrow and I am counting down the hours. I have been going around in circles for many years with dr appointments, blood tests, and some unesseccary exams and tests, which have helped bring me down to rock bottom. You told me to write a Dailey diary of my symptoms for the specialist. I have done this. I intend to not waste this appointment.

I will fight (please god) to get some solutions, support, care and love now, cause I have nothing else to lose. And because I feel I am worth it!!!!!!

Sorry its a long read but just wana say Thankyou FM forum, and the people who took time, gave compassion and understanding to a very desperate woman xxxx
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Postby Zia2014 » Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:37 pm

Hi Cate,

I'm very glad to hear you're being so positive. It is an incredibly isolating, difficult place this condition puts us in, and for what it's worth I think this forum, the fb groups and local support groups are an absolute lifeline for desperate people - I include myself here.

Please let us know how your appt goes x
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