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Juice plus

Postby stodgers » Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:21 pm

Hi all

I haven't been on for such a long time so doubt anyone will remember me!

I hope everyone is doing ok.

I'm not so great really struggling at the moment. I think it's probably flared up due to stress from seperating with my partner and being a working single parent. Hard for anyone but ten times harder for us!

Anyway I've been reading up lots on juice plus and talking to a girl who uses it and there are a few positive stories out there from fibro sufferers that have felt much better on it. Has anyone tried it?

It's quite expensive but I'm willing to pay it for any improvements at the minute!
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Re: Juice plus

Postby clairbear » Fri Jun 26, 2015 3:05 am


Sorry to hear about home...god I wish someone would give us lot a break sometimes!
I've had a couple of friends do Juice Plus for weight loss and have said, like all restricted calorie diets it does work but none of them have commented on whether or not its helped with ailments (other than obvious weight loss so generally feeling a bit better overall).
They all mentioned that the juices were nice but I'm convinced you could probably make your own from fruit/veg and protein drinks like the Slimfast shakes etc.

I know its about £60 a week so it's about the same as cambridge and lighter life etc so it depends on your main goal is it to lose weight, kick start healthy eating, change habits etc... My sis in law did Cambridge and lost 4 stone and feels great, her back hardly gives her grief now but she's having to work hard to keep the weight off and my bro was not impressed with the £1200 it cost (although I did tell him it's still cheaper than a gastric band!)

I did the Forever Living detox and that works over 9 days and did help with my fibro a little.
The Aloe gel you have to take three times a day really does work but you have to persevere with it!
I noticed my medications worked better, almost like I was taking in the correct amount. My system is slow (I often take Tramadol and it kicks in 3 days later in a massive dose) and the detox helped move the sludge that builds up.
As it was only over 9 days I struggled through without painkillers to avoid adding toxins whilst I was trying to get rid of them.

I lost a stone in 9 days and went on to lose a further 4 stone in the following 4 months just by healthy eating, I didn't do the detox for weight loss but once I'd started it seemed silly to go back to old habits. I have only put on 7lbs since I did it and that's because in the 12 months since doing the detox I've had quite a lot of relapses so my exercise has gone to zilch. I still need to lose another 4 stone but its gonna be a slow process as I can't afford to do it any way but the old fashioned way!

I asked my doctor about the calorie restrictions and she was happy for me to do it over short periods but suggested the slower route of gradual weight loss so it didn't interfere with my medication.
Whichever you choose make sure you check with your GP first - good luck xx
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Re: Juice plus

Postby carolad » Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:27 am

Juice Plus themselves market their products as 'the next best thing to fruits and vegetables'....I think that says everything you need to know about it :-) Much better for your health (and cheaper!) to base your diet largely on fruit and vegetables, rather than take these supplements.
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Re: Juice plus

Postby stodgers » Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:28 pm

I barely eat any veg as i hate most of it and very limited with fruit too which is part of the reason i want to try it. It's £37 a month to get a 4 month supply and is just capsules. I won't do the shakes etc as not wanting to lose weight. I'd easily spend well over a tenner a week trying to get the same amount of fruit and veg intake. Probably much more infact so think it may be worth a try.

I had thought about doing the forever living detox too been looking in to that but it's expensive.
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Re: Juice plus

Postby healthier_juice » Thu Sep 10, 2015 2:52 pm

Good afternoon,
Can I first of all ask if any of you are Juice Plus Reps?
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