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* The UK Fibromyalgia "Fibromyalgia magazine" is the independent voice of UK Fibromyalgia with a database of over 10,000 readers.


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* We have 20,000+ email addresses of fibromyalgia sufferers who have FM and have not yet subscribed. We send out a free monthly email with all the research news that didn't make it into that month's Fibromyalgia magazine.

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* The UK Fibromyalgia website averages over 80,000 unique hits per month and is ranked worldwide in the first or second position by Google for the search phrase "Fibromyalgia". Most months it keeps Wikipedia in second place and this is from an overall total of six million fibromyalgia pages worldwide.
* The online forum has over 18,000 registered users.

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Our new site offering all the products and services that fibromyalgia sufferers need.


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