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Write to your MP and ask them to become Fibromyalgia Ambassador

In conjunction with FMA UK we are asking all MPs to become Fibromyalgia Ambassadors.

Please ask your MP to lobby for their support for the fibromyalgia cause. Tell them about your personal situation and how widespread fibromyalgia is within the UK, and that you are looking for their help in our campaign. We want to create Fibromyalgia Ambassadors and we would appreciate it if you would ask them to sign up to become one.

So far the following have signed up:

Sir David Amess MP

Sir Henry Bellingham MP

Tom Brake MP

Vernon Coaker MP

Patricia Gibson MP

George Howarth MP

Ben Howlett MP

Andrea Jenkyns MP

David Jones MP

Julian Knight MP

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP

Ian Lucas MP

Justin Madders MP

Steve McCabe MP

John Nicolson MP

Kirsten Oswald MP

Maggie Throup MP

Kelly Tolhurst MP

Anna Turley MP

Is your MP Here?


If you are unsure who your MP is then the "They work for you" website will tell you who and where they are, and it allows you to contact them directly as well.

However when contacting your MP, a short, handwritten or printed letter sent through the post can be very effective. Please address your letters to:

Your MP's Name

House of Commons,

Take the time to write your own letter, in your own words, and edit your letter for brevity and clarity.

If you have contacted your MP, please do tell us about it!

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