Hints & Tips


Hints & Tips

Hints and Tips

Your chance to tell us the tips that help you cope:

Take warm baths and showers to reduce pain and stiffness.

Sit on a shower seat and gently stretch painful areas under the warm spray.

For a tub bath, add Epsom salts and/or essential oils.

Soak your hands and wrists in warm water a few times a day to relieve the pain.

Break up long periods of sitting by periodically getting up and moving around. Break up long periods of standing by sitting down for a rest.

Rest before you feel the need.

Get your feet up whenever possible. Breathe deeply, from the diaphragm.

Play soft music or a relaxation tape through the day, and especially at bedtime.

Sleep in a dark, quiet room, using a pillow that supports the neck.

Try a microwavable heating pad for painful muscles.

Professional massage therapy is wonderful, but if you do not have access to it, get a family member to work on your tight calves, your tired feet, your aching back, or anywhere you hurt.

Try all-natural fibre clothing and bed sheets.Many of us are chemically sensitive to man-made fabrics, especially polyester.

Drink LOTS of water. Among other things it can do for you is to help alleviate pain.

Keep the items you use most in the most accessible places.

Ask for help in retrieving those on high or very low shelves.

Do as much as possible sitting down. With a kitchen stool, you can reach cabinets, the stovetop, and the sink without being on your feet.

When you can cook, prepare large quantities and make one-meal size packets for the freezer, so they are ready when you can't cook.

If you can't avoid some ironing, do it sitting down. If you need the board higher to keep large items from touching the floor, raise it and sit on your kitchen stool.

On one of your less brain-fogged days, make a list of easy meals and post it in a place that you willsee it when you are having a bad day.

Make a practice of always keeping a good supply of the things necessary to make these easy meals.

Use a good back support in your dining chair. You may find that a small sofa pillow you already have is a good size and shape for this.

Avoid excessive trips up and down steps.

Avoid getting down on the knees the scrub floors, clean bathtub, etc. instead, use a mop and otherlong-handled tools for these jobs.

Plan ahead: gather all your supplies at one time and then sit to work.

Use a wide-barrel pen with a felt-tip and a soft exterior. It will be easier on your fingers and may even allow you to write more legibly.

Use a "Day Planner" or electronic diary for week days from 8:00-5:00. Write in every appointment, meeting or whatever as soon as it is made, or tuck in a card with the information and add it in that evening

A good electric toothbrush reduces painful arm movements and also can help reverse the progress of gingivitis.

Using an organizer box which you fill once a week makes you less likely to forget to take your
medication and also helps keep track of them so that see ahead of time when you will need a refill.


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